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  • Dahye & Kevin // Wedding Highlight Film // Vancouver Club, Vancouver BC

  • Directed and edited by Mark Relf
    Additional cinematography by Daniel Brand
    Photography by Taryn Baxter
    Make up and hair by The Love Team by Coa
    Flowers by Bello Decore
    Wedding officiated by Karen Ell
    Cake by Thea Cake

    What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Sometimes you bring them home and marry them, especially when they just happen to be from the same town as you. Fate and sheer persistence brought Kevin and Dahye together and we love how their story was present throughout their wedding day.  They were married in the Vancouver Club, one of our favourite downtown locations (maybe its all the British memorabilia?) and decked it out with beautiful arrangements and details. The whole event hit a perfect balance between elegance and fun, filled with great energy and emotion (thank you for the tears Kevin). You guys really knocked this out of the park and gave us everything we needed to create a great Wedding Video.

  • Andrea & Austin // Bridges Restaurant Granville Island // Vancouver Wedding Film

  • Granville Island is a very special place in Vancouver and somewhere that we’ve had the pleasure of filming at several times. So we were ecstatic when we received a message from Taryn Baxter letting us know that she had some clients who were thinking about having their wedding filmed at Bridges Restaurant. Andrea and Austin’s film is one of our favourites from this year, not just because of the location, but because its just bursting with love and energy. We really wanted to create something that felt grand and yet intimate at the same time. We loved that we were able to capture some personal moments and have the opportunity to show off the breath-taking scenery as well. We really do appreciate it when a couple, their friends and family give us amazing material to work with. The letters, vows, speeches and setting really came together. This wedding had it all! Thank you Andrea and Austin.

    We must also Thank Taryn Baxter for being so great (as usual) to work along side on the day. To Erica from Filosophy Events for keeping us in the loop at literally EVERY moment (much appreciated) and Christina from Red Carpet Ready for not only making the bride look beautiful but for being so patient when we needed our shots.

  • Carrie & Julien // Wedding Film // Fraser River Lodge, Agassiz,BC


    Directed and edited by Mark Relf
    Additional cinematography by Daniel Brand
    Photography by The Nickersons
    Make up and hair by Aly McRae

    We love a good “gear change” in the middle of a wedding film and what better way to segue from epic scenery and emotional moments to mischief and fun with Carrie’s card to her future husband: “Love is….killing each other softly with farts”.
    This is a film of two halves that reflect the personalities of this sensitive yet fun loving couple. As Julien says in his vows, he couldn’t imagine falling in love with someone so different from himself. And while their personalities are indeed different, it was clear on the day that they had so much in common and that they complimented each other so well.
    As BC wedding film makers we’re privileged to be able to film in some truly breathtaking locations and Fraser River Logdge in Agassiz is right up there at the top of the list. Its just so vast and beautiful. Even from the air its impossible to show off the true beauty of the scenery but we do our best and look forward to returning in the future.
    A big thank you to the Nickersons who’s unique approach to photography really helped to create some great moments in our film. And of course we have to mention just how good sports Carrie and Julien were to brave the heat for the portrait shoots. It was hotter than the sun. 

  • Elisa & Andy // Vancouver Wedding Film // Hart House, Burnaby BC

  • Directed and edited by Mark Relf
    Additional cinematography by Alvin Keung
    Photography by Blush Wedding Photography
    Planning and decor by Chandelier Wedding & Event Design
    Make up and hair by Tori Blush

    Hart House at Deer Lake Park was the first venue we shot at in Vancouver and its always a pleasure to return. We recently filmed Elisa and Andy’s wedding there and lucky for us Kristy from Blush Wedding Photography suggested an alternative location of their ceremony, a beautiful shaded spot down by the creek. For Andy this wasn’t just a wedding but also a reunion with old friends (he grew up in Vancouver and now lives with Elisa in Hong Kong) and so this day had extra significance for him. Elisa had remarked to me that they had wanted to incorporate “the essence of Vancouver” in their video somehow and so we headed to Granville Island for some ice cream and a few snaps. As the sun went down we returned to Deer Lake and had Elisa and Andy take a boat out onto the lake. This was, of course, the perfect opportunity to include some aerial videography and get a little more creative. All we’re missing is a tiger, an orangutang and a zebra ; )

  • Crystal & Will // Wedding Film // Richmond, BC

  • Filmed and edited by Mark Relf
    Additional cinematography by Chris Ricci
    Photography by Vasia Photography 
    Make up and hair by Kaitlin Hargreaves

    Many of our couples write to each other on the morning of their wedding day and we really believe it is such a special moment that adds to the anticipation and excitement of a wedding day. It is especially important if you’re doing traditional vows as it adds a personal touch that you otherwise might not have, not to mention a healthy dose of emotion that looks great on video! Crystal and Will’s letters were so heartfelt and formed a perfect narrative to the opening of their film. “I have loved you for 2465 days…” is such a great statement that begins the story of their new chapter in life. If you’re thinking of writing letters to each other, take note of of the words in this film. They tell a story and reveal their hopes for the future. 

    Oh and one more tip for prospective grooms out there – take a pair of sneakers to your reception. It will help with your dance moves for sure!

  • Natalie & Jess // Whistler Wedding Film // Nita Lake Lodge, Whistler, BC

  • Filmed and edited by Mark Relf
    Additional cinematography by Chris Ricci
    Photography by Gucio Photography 
    Make up and hair by All Dolled Up make up and hair studio

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a  groom adore his new wife as much as Jess. Natalie’s words and Jess’ expressions of pure joy fill their film with emotion and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. 

    We were excited to receive Natalie and Jess’ enquiry back in the winter – Whistler is such an epic location and we love filming there. We wanted to make sure that we showed off the landscape, not just for the sake of the film, but because Whistler is a place that this couple love (they both live in Hong Kong and this was a destination wedding for them). So we took our new “flying camera’ back up into the mountains a few days after the main event and had some great fun getting a birds eye view of the place. 

    With all our films we really try to extract and amplify the personality of the couple and amongst all the footage of spectacular scenery it really is the intimate moments that  shine through; Natalie’s beautiful letter,  Jess’ reassurance to her as she reads her vows, his beaming smiles throughout the day, their un-ending affection for each other… To film a couple so happily in love, surrounded by friends and family who had travelled from afar to be with them, was an absolute pleasure. To Natalie and Jess, thank you so much for having us be a part of your day. We’re so happy for you both.

  • Blaine & Wyn // Wedding Film BC // Cedar Creek Winery, Kelowna, BC

  • Filmed and edited by Mark Relf
    Planning by Sweetheart Events
    Photography by Suzanne Le Stage 
    Make up by Shimmer and Gloss
    Hair by Alana Lyla

    We recently had a crazy weekend of BC wedding filming. Whistler on the Saturday and Kelowna on the Sunday. Normally this isn’t the sort of thing we’d do since its pretty exhausting, but when an incredibly friendly couple such as Blaine and Wyn ask you to film their wedding at a vineyard in the Okanagan it really is hard to resist.

    It was a privilege to be a part of their intimate wedding. As a vendor you really feel more “embedded” in the day when the guest count is lower, being more familiar with friends and family and having a chance to get to know everyone just that little bit better. By the end of the day you’re just as much a guest as a vendor! A significant number of their friends and family were also British so it was great to reminisce about the homeland!

    In the end it was absolutely worth making the early morning journey to Kelowna, to film a couple who are obviously deeply in love in a stunning location., to get to know a great group of people and to party the night away (even if that meant failing miserably at beer pong).  A big thank you Blaine and Wyn.

  • Nikko & Darell // Destination Wedding Film // Mayan Riviera

  • We recently had a fantastic time with Nikko and Darell, filming their wedding and other fun activities from the week. It was clear right from the get-go that this wedding would have tons of energy and it was important for us to reflect this in their wedding film. We wanted to capture lots of genuine happy moments and intercut with some more epic romantic and scenic shots to give the film a more dynamic feel. When it came to editing we decided to mix up the speed of the shots, ramping up and down from slow to fast and complimenting that with sound effects. Finally we added a nice punchy colour grade and a pumping sound track! 

    When we film destination weddings we often spend several days or even a week with the couple, family and friends. This gives us the opportunity to film some extra tidbits such as a pre wedding event, a day out or other important moments. Nikko and Darell asked if we could put together a pre-wedding film to get their guests excited for their entrance to their reception and we gladly obliged! Again, the emphasis was on fun so rather than trying to produce something that was focused on romance we decided to squeeze in as many activities as possible, dive in the sea and just go out and play! We found a great short poem about love and adventure and had Nikko and Darell read it so that we had a nice little narrative base to the film. Anyway, its always better to watch rather than read so take a look….

  • Sasha & Chris // New Year Wedding Film // Coast Hotel Vancouver

  • Directed by Mark Relf
    Additional Cinematography by Alvin Keung
    Planning by Epic Events
    Photography by Blush Wedding Photography
    Make up and hair by Mink 
    Officient Darian Kovacs

    We love it when a wedding comes together with all the right elements; a great couple, awesome location, beautiful weather, touching speeches and an energetic crowd! And its even better when a wedding has a little something that sets it apart from others. We started 2015 with a bang, or more specifically Sasha and Chris. They invited us to film their new year wedding at Coal Harbour, Vancouver and what a day it was. Not only did the sun shine brightly but we got to work with possibly the easiest going couple in the world. Plus we were joined by Kristy and Ken from Blush photography who are good friends of ours (you’ll see several of their pics across our website) and Briar from Epic Events who we have worked with several times before. It was also great to bump into Darian Kovacs who we worked with on a wedding in Whistler a year ago. We were really impressed with how he conducted his ceremony and he gave us some great audio snippets to work into this film.  

    There really is something special about new year. A time for reflection, excitement and the climax to a period of time spent with loved ones. And the realization that we’re all on a giant spaceship that just flew AROUND the sun!  We wanted this film to feel epic and intimate at the same time. Beautiful and emotional, yet fun and full of energy. Because thats exactly what the day was. We hope you enjoy!

  • Chelsea & Connor // Hart House Vancouver // Vancouver Wedding Videography

  • Directed, shot and edited by Mark Relf
    Cinematography by Laurent Danis
    Photography by Randal Kurt
    Make up and Hair by Tasha Vu
    Planning by Aird Events
    Fireworks by FireWX

    One of our favourite things ever? FIREWORKS!! We had them at our own wedding and we always secretly hope that every wedding we film will have them. Unfortunately Canada is a little less liberal with its pyrotechnics than our Italian friends so its a nice surprise when a couple lets us know that they have a late night treat planned for their guests. Chelsea and Connor were married on a beautiful Septembers afternoon out on the lawn at Hart House (one of our favourite venues). They’ve been through a lot together and you could really feel their love and respect for each other as they read their vows. More importantly they both know how to have a good time and we truly believe they enjoyed an emotional and beautiful day. 

  • Karen & Terry // Bear Mountain Resort, Victoria BC // Wedding Film Vancouver

  • Our second wedding at Bear Mountain in two weeks! I gotta say its not a bad place to be shooting at! Karen and Terry asked us to be a part of their wedding and it really did feel special to us as we got to spend a little longer with them and their family than most couples. They asked us to film their engagement party in March which we combined with a little interview/lifestyle shoot to create a video they could play at their reception. We then re-joined them at the end of August for 2 days of Indian-style celebration (they really knew how to celebrate!). Karen and Terry were so inviting and allowed us to follow them around for pretty much the entire time we were there – we were especially glad to capture Terry and Co’s exquisite golf skills ; )