Deus Ex: The Mechanical Apartheid

You might have gathered from the title, that this is not a wedding film. It’s actually a short film/trailer produced for a video game, called “Deus Ex, Mankind Divided”(made by Eidos Montreal). The trailer was made by the talented folks at Goldtooth Creative in Vancouver and I (Mark) was brought on board to help write, develop, shoot and edit. 

This was really an incredible project to be a part of. I spent several years working as the Supervising Editor at Goldtooth Creative and so it was a real pleasure to be back in the studio, working alongside the Director, visual effects artists and management team. All of us working on the film were really invested in the project having also worked on other trailers for this game and and the previous title “Deus Ex, Human Revolution”. We all worked together to develop the story and come up with creative ways to bring a science fiction dystopian future to life. 

Working on a variety of projects like this really helps us to develop our skills as film makers, and I think that is something that helps us at Kismet Creative stand out.  There’s always an element of feedback that un-intentioanlly goes between different film making scenarios or working environments. For example, every week in the summer I am filming Weddings in Vancouver and Toronto, capturing couples enjoying their wedding days and feeling completely in love. This was something I could apply to the happier moments in this film. Conversely, working at part of a visual effects pipeline on a large-budget project teaches you so much about paying very close attention to detail. That, of course, will make our wedding films better for the future. We’re lucky that in both Toronto and Vancouver there are such a variety of projects to get involved in. The independent film and commercial industries are strong in both cities and it only makes sense to work with as many creative people as possible!

Anyway, I would love to write and write about this project, but the NDA I signed prevents me from saying any more! There’s a couple of cameo appearances from myself and Danielle in here so watch out for those, but most of all enjoy!

Produced by Goldtoth Creative for Eidos Montreal
Directed by Kody Sabourin
Written by Kody Sabourin, Matt Sinclair and Mark Relf
Filmed and Edited by Mark Relf