5 Unique Wedding Video Ideas

We love working with unique wedding video ideas. They may come from us, from you or someone else. But what is important is how they will add so much to your wedding film and add to the experience of your day. We can create pockets of intimate moments which can offer respite from what is often a hectic schedule. They can be special, emotional and fun. 

So take a look at 5 Unique Wedding Video ideas that you can incorporate into your day:

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Read your Love Letters Over the Phone

It’s quite common for couples to exchange gifts and personal letters to each other on the morning of their wedding. But Esther and Cameron took things up a notch and read them to each other over the phone. We loved this idea! Not only do we get a reaction to reading the letter, we get a reaction to the reaction! It added more emotion to the moment and meant we had some nice back and forth engagement to work into the video. As you can see, those beautiful and candid few minutes and gave us the perfect intro to their film. 

Taryn came up with her own unique take on a gift/letter exchange by recording a message on an iPad. Her Fiancé,  Mike didn’t have to read, he could just listen and watch. He was able to soak up the moment and we were able to capture his reaction. You can check out our post about their wedding HERE.


Try out an Alternate First Look

Approximately 50% of our clients decide to do a first look, and we love the emotional and candid reactions that we’re able to film. But some couples would rather save that moment for their ceremony, which is something we totally get. After all, this is what we decided to do for our wedding day. But not “seeing” each other doesn’t mean that you can’t spend some time with each other. 

Wes and Rachel met back to back, to talk about their day and the experience they were about to go though. This little break in their schedule allowed for a moment of peace and reflection. It reinforced that they were experiencing a life-changing event and that they were doing it together. In fact Wes and Rachel’s film is full of unique wedding video ideas. From the prayer circle to a rendition of “Afternoon Delight” and Napolean Dynamite tribute dance. These guys are an inspiration for anyone who wants to inject fun and energy into their day. Check out their blog post HERE.  


Or even a Father-Daughter First Look!

Sadly a Father seeing his daughter for the first time on her wedding day seems to be a dying tradition. I remember when my Father saw my Sister for the first time on her wedding day. I couldn’t help but get a little choked up. Sometimes the morning is so busy and hectic that there’s just not time or perhaps your the Father is getting ready at home while the Bride is on a hotel. Either way, its s special moment and doesn’t have to be missed. 

Giselle is so close to her Father and wanted to make sure they had some time together. She didn’t want to see her Fiancé before walking down the aisle, so she had a first look with her Dad instead. It gave him the opportunity to offer advice and help to settle Giselle’s nerves. 

You don’t have to do a Father-Daughter first look at your hotel or home. It could be at a spot that we pick out on the way to the ceremony or at the venue itself. Either way, we really believe that a Dad’s reaction is priceless. Lets make this tradition popular again!


Spend a Little Time Reminiscing About Your Relationship 

We met with Chris and Catherine for a lifestyle shoot in preparation for their Same Day Edit. As normal, we had a short interview session and afterwards Chris brought out a box of letters and asked “do you think we can use these at all?”. We had Chris and Catherine sit on a log on Jerricho Beach and spend 30 minutes or so looking at old letters, tickets and photos. Re-jogging those memories as you approach your wedding day can be a very powerful experience. 


Reminiscing about your relationship is also a great way to add a ton of depth to your wedding film. We love how we learnt so much about the couple from the interaction. We needed up ditching all our interview footage and went with this instead. If there’s a way of creating a candid moment full of emotion we’ll use it!

Stage a Mini Elopement

We recently worked with a couple who wanted to write personal vows to each other, but felt nervous about saying them in front of all their friends and family. So we suggested that we try a mini-elopement as part of their photoshoot. Along with he photographer we found a pretty spot in the Kortright Centre to film in. And there, surrounded by nature, peace and quiet, the couple shared some beautiful words with each other. 

We were so lucky to film such an intimate moment that just wouldn’t have been the same as part of a Ceremony. They felt more comfortable being alone, without any of the noise and distraction that can be a part of a larger ceremony. 

There was also the added bonus of the couple being put at ease for their ceremony. So much so, in fact, that they decided to repeat their vows to each other during their ceremony after all. So if you’re in the same boat, or perhaps you have a religious ceremony with traditional vows (or no vows), think about taking a few minutes out of your day to share something personal with each other. 


Bonus Idea: Smoke Out Your Dance Floor

A smoke machine is a simple and effective way to get your dance floor bouncing. Ruby and Armand used one for their party and result was a drop in inhibition, more creative dance moves and super cool lighting effects.

Most couples probably leave the DJ to come up with anything creative for their party. But the party is when everyone has the most fun. A good party will etch your wedding day into the memory of your guests and it’s importance shouldn’t be underestimated. Having some kind of distraction (smoke machine, glow sticks or bubbles) will make everyone stop thinking about how they look dancing and give them the freedom to let loose. 


So what do you think of these Unique Wedding Video Ideas? Comment below and let us know if you have any of your own. We’d love to hear them! 

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