Jewish ceremony at Azul Fives, Playa-del-Carmen wedding videography by kismet creative

Azul Fives Playa Del Carmen Wedding | Destination Wedding Videography| Rachel + Joe

It was a long winter in Toronto. And Spring? Hello?….Where were you? Fortunately Rachel and Joe invited us to film their Playa Del Carmen Wedding at the stunning Azul Fives resort. We swapped 5 degrees for 35 degrees and had an absolute blast shooting along side 5ive5ifteen photography.  This Mexican destination wedding gave us everything, with a slew of rich visuals and incredible moments to capture. The personal vows in the jungle were a particular highlight. However, we’ll never forget the the sight of Joe grinning ear to ear throughout the ceremony nor the loud and raucous party that lasted all night long. 

Playa Del Carmen Wedding at the Azul Fives 

Rachel and Joe absolutely raved about the Azul Fives resort during their consultation. It’s a gorgeous resort to wonder around and quite easy to get lost in. There are pools everywhere, with plenty of bars, quiet zones and places to hang out. The rooms are bright, the beach is immaculate and most importantly, the food is incredible!

aerial view of Azul fives resort playa del carmen by destination wedding videographer kismet creative

Rachel and Joe had their Jewish Wedding Ceremony on the roof top, overlooking the beach. How stunning is that for a location? Cocktails were on the balcony below (complete with boozy coconuts of course) and we were spoilt for choice for creative shoot locations. There are jungle paths, a wooden jetty and of course, the beach. We just love those dreamy sunset shots as the waves lap the shore. 

groom smiles at bride during their playa del carmen wedding at Azul fives resort by destination wedding videographer kismet creative

Mini-Elopement’s are becoming a favourite of ours

We’ve talked about mini-elopements in a previous post and how they’re quickly becoming a favourite part of the day for us. It’s an opportunity to bring the hustle and bustle of a wedding day into focus. Just the two of you and some promises that you’ll be making to each other for the rest of your lives. That’s why you’re doing this right? It’s a moment of peace, reflection and intimacy. 

Rachel and Joe had written their vows as letters to each other but brought them along to the photoshoot as well. We took ten minutes to find a quite spot under the trees and share a beautiful ceremony. The words that they wrote to each other were to heartfelt and honest. It meant so much for them to share those thoughts together.  

Bride cries during her Playa Del Carmen Wedding at Azul Fives by destination wedding videographer kismet creative

An emotional and energetic Jewish Wedding Celebration

It would be remiss of us to not mention the ridiculous energy that was present at this Playa Del Carman Wedding. From the first moment of seeing Rachel and Joe at the Azul Fives, it was clear that they were enjoying themselves and had no intention of stopping. There really is no better feeling than being surrounded by friends and family for a whole week.  We had our own destination wedding and can testify that it is absolutely THE best way to get married (you can read more about our destination weddings HERE). 

Plan trees reflected in pool at Azul fives resort playa del carmen

The wedding day itself was full of emotion. There were plenty of tears (good ones of course), beaming smiles and lots and lots of laughter. Rachels sister spoke about the love that Joe showed as he stood waiting under the chuppah. You can hear from her speech how much this meant to her. There really was a feeling that this was a moment of huge significance for both families, not just Rachel and Joe. 

jewish wedding ceremony at Azul fives playa del carmen by destination wedding videographer kismet creative

When we think about the Reception, we immediately think of that moment Rachel and Joe burst into the room to begin the Hora. Every guest jumped out of their seats and joined them on the dance floor.  It got sweaty fast. The speeches were heartfelt but also funny. We heard some great stories and jokes. There always seemed to be something happening that meant we rarely had a chance to put the cameras down. The evening flew by, and soon enough everyone was back on their feet, dancing the night away. 

Rachel and Joe’s Paya Del Carman Wedding was hot, it was emotional and it was exhausting. But it was so so worth it. 

couple dancing at their playa del carmen wedding at Azul fives resort by destination wedding videographer kismet creative

Playa Del Carmen Wedding Vendor Shout Outs

Destination weddings allow us to work closer with the couple, but also with the vendors. First we’d like to thank Mike and Eric from 5ive15ifteen Photography. Not only were these guys absolute pros on the day, but they were super communicative, helpful and great fun to hang out with. They’re pictures are freakin awesome too (link to gallery). 

Emily and her team from Luxe Destination Weddings kept things easy and breezy. Super organized and in no way over bearing. Oh, and how good did everything look? 

Speaking of looks, lets throw a high five to Salon at The Fives Azul Beach Resort Playa del Carmen for the gorgeous makeup and hair as well as Making Flowers for those beautiful florals. The delicious cake was provided by The Fives Azul Beach Resort Playa del Carmen. DJ Max kept guests dancing all night and Rabbi Stephen Spiegel conducted that unforgettable ceremony on the rooftop.

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