Our Wedding Films are Unique Because You are Unique

We’ve filmed hundreds of weddings and we come away from each experience with a re-inforced belief in our philosophy; Character is key. After all, once you care about a character you’ll care more about their story. When ever someone watches your film they will feel like they got to know you, to understand your emotions and share in the ride. This is important because you never know how you’ll change in the future. Your wedding film is an anchor, reminding you of who you were & how you felt on the most important day of your life.

A True Cinematic Experience

We mix natural, candid and cinematically styled footage to create a visually dynamic film that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout. We pay special attention to sound, because sound really is 50% of the experience. It is often the audio that drives the narrative of our films and we will look for key emotional moments to build your story. You can read more about our process on our Blog.

Capturing Every Perfect Moment

We film all our weddings with our gorgeous 4K cameras so that your footage is future-proof and ready for your snazzy new TV. And you can probably tell that we love shooting with our drone and other gizmos. We feel lucky to be working at a time where we can make use of such incredible equipment. But for all the tools at our disposal we often find ourselves drawn to footage that comes from a simple desire to capture a candid moment between two people.

Toronto Wedding Films