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Breathtaking Casa Loma Wedding | Guild Inn Estate Hindu Ceremony | Christina + Matt | Kismet Creative

“Hi Mark, thank you soooooooooo much. OMG! That was absolutely incredible — we just watched it like 6 times. We love it!!! It is so so so beautiful and took us right back to the weekend. You guys are SO talented.” – Matt + Christina

Guild Inn Estate & Casa Loma Wedding in Toronto

This wedding was special. A big melting pot of culture, love, and honour of family. Matt & Christina’s Guild Inn Estate and Casa Loma Wedding included all our favourite things. Two of the most incredible Toronto Wedding venues, drop-dead gorgeous decor, an awesome dance party and heartfelt vows between two people in love. Oh, and did we mention the castle?

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Modern Contemporary Touches With a Nod of Respect to Tradition at The Guild Inn Estates

Matt and Christina’s multicultural wedding weekend had many fun contemporary touches blended with a respect for tradition. Their Hindu ceremony was held at the Guild Inn Estate, perched on top of cliffs overlooking Lake Ontario. I remember the first time we flew our drone up over the venue, being blown away at how gorgeous a location is really is.

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Matt and Christina described the Guild Inn as the perfect fit for them. They really wanted an outdoor ceremony but were apprehensive due to the risk of rain. The gazebo gave them the best of both worlds. The Guild Inn was also one of the few venues that allowed the use of an open fire which was essential for their Hindu ceremony. 

They also loved all the greenery and greek-style ruins that provided a great place to take photos afterwards without having to go offsite. In true Matt and Christina fashion, the character of the venue and the tradition of the Hindu ceremony was delicately balanced with the modern grace and beauty of them as a couple.

Bride walking down aisle at her hindu ceremony at their guild inn estate wedding toronto

Casa Loma: A Venue Rich with History That Knows How To Party

The following day a Western vow exchange was held at Casa Loma; a beautiful castle in the middle of Toronto. The conservatory is so rich with ornate architecture, including marble floors and walls. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in a room flooded with soft, natural light whilst being surrounded by an abundance of greenery.

Casa Loma has served as the set location for many films and television shows making it a popular destination. It was cool to see a hallway full of tourists cheering as Matt and Christina made their grand exit.

Ceremony in the Conservatory at Casa Loma Wedding in Toronto

Their beautiful ceremony was followed and a massive party under the stars starting off with cocktails on the lawn. Christina’s brother serenaded their guests before everyone moved into the tent. Don’t you love that decor by Soiree Luxury Weddings & Event Decor? Oh, and that Lion Dance by Chung’s Martial Arts/Sifu Chung was a joy to see. Christina’s parents are Indian and Chinese, so that was an important cultural element for them to include. Speaking of parents, how good were those speeches? We love getting another perspective of a couple from the people who know them best.

Matt and Christina commented that some of their most memorable moments of the entire weekend were “The amazing music, dancing with our friends and family, hitting the outdoor bar, photobooth antics, and late night gelato and the Lion dance! ” We couldn’t agree more. Their weekend was absolutely one to remember.

wedding party celebrating in front of fountain at Casa Loma wedding Toronto wedding videography by Kismet Creative

A special personal twist for us during our time with Matt and Christina was catching up with previous clients, Amit and Mona, who we had the pleasure of filming for last year. It is so great to see them and hear about the brith of their new baby. We talk often about the importance of wedding videography and how we feel like we’re capturing a turning point in a story. It’s so rewarding to see that next chapter come to life.

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Are you Having a Guild Inn Estate or Casa Loma Wedding? Here are 5 Invaluable Tips…

We want to help future couples as much as possible with their wedding planning so asked Matt and Christina for some insider information. Here is what they had to say:

“Casa Loma is a venue that you visit and immediately fall in love with… who doesn’t want to get married in a castle?! The conservatory is a stunning ceremony setting and again the glass pavilion gives all the outdoor vibes we were hoping for without the risk of rain ruining the day!

Food was definitely also a consideration for both venues. Guild Inn allowed catering from the best Indian restaurant in the city and the menu at Casa Loma was so incredible and also sooo accommodating and flexible with such a high number of dietary restrictions!  Great that they were both quite convenient to Toronto as many really nice venues in the GTA are quite a long drive out of the city. We would definitely highly recommend both venues. Our wedding was incredible and the venues were a huge part of that.

bridal suite at casa loma toronto

A couple of small tips: 

1) At Casa Loma it was great to have the bridal suite to get ready and help get into that princess for a day mood! 

2) Definitely would recommend getting the Casa Loma day of venue coordinator. She made sure everything ran smoothly and we could enjoy our day! 

3) The lighting in the glass pavilion is really amazing and well worth the money… it makes for such a warm ambiance and then they turn it to a great party vibe later in the light.

4) At Casa Loma the menu tasting is soooo fun and make sure you take advantage of it as a fun wedding event in itself. And don’t be shy to give feedback… they are more than happy to tweak the dishes so they are exactly the way YOU like it and want it to be…. the chef comes out personally to discuss all the dishes. 

Looking up at the turrets of Casa Loma in Toronto

Incredible Casa Loma & Guild Inn Estate Wedding Vendor Shout Outs

It was so awesome to work with Mango Studios and their supremely talented photographer. We’ve worked together several times the year and are looking forward to shooting along side them again in the future. Soiree Luxury Weddings & Event Decor provided beautiful floral backdrops while Sara Vakillian made sure the cake was more than just cake but rather edible art.

Beautee Inc and Mayo Beauty made sure that the ladies looked stunning during both the Hindu and White Gown ceremonies. The reception lion dancers were from the talented Chung’s Martial Arts/Sifu Chung and Ryan from Alley Entertainment made sure the dance floor was packed all night. We are honored to be named among these amazing vendors and hope to work with you all again soon!

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