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Breathtaking Globe and Mail Centre Wedding | Liz + Jamie

“Our wedding video was beyond words amazing. Thank you so much for such a beautiful keepsake of our wedding day. Between our families we’ve probably already watched it 30+ times!! It brought back so many good memories.” – Liz & Jamie

Our Jaws Dropped at this Globe and Mail Centre Wedding

We can’t help but feel a little bittersweet about posting this Globe and Mail Centre wedding. It was the last film we shot before Covid-19 hit, and while we’re always pumped to send out a final edit to our clients, we can’t help but wonder when we’ll next get back to work. Most of all though, we feel grateful. We feel grateful to have worked with such a fun-loving, sweet and kind couple who put on the most epic wedding for us to film. 

toronto skyline on a sunny day by Toronto wedding videographer kismet creative

Liz and Jamie’s day was one of those rare golden winter days. We woke up to beautiful sunshine and it lasted throughout the day. We hit up Liz’s parents house for some prep before the traditional door games began. If we got married again, we would for sure include some door games. They always crack us up, and these were no exception.

After a little humiliation, some well-earned hugs and a lot of laughter we headed over to the Globe and Mail centre. This was our first time filming, and all I can say is……JAW DROP. Wow, what an incredible location. You walk out of the elevator doors and are immediately presented with floor to ceiling views of the stunning Toronto skyline. It really is one of the best views in the city. 

Toronto skyline view from the globe and mail centre wedding venue

Why Get Married at the Globe and Mail Centre?

While we have plenty to say about this venue (as you’ll see below), we wanted to get Liz and Jamie’s take. We asked them a few questions about why they chose the Globe and Mail centre for their wedding, and also what tips they could give for future couples.

1) Why did you choose the Globe and Mail Centre? Originally we wanted a Tuscany / vineyard style wedding with one long table for all our guests. But since we knew we would be holding our wedding in the city, we wanted to find a way to bring Tuscany to Toronto and also incorporate the city-vibe that we both love. We settled on a modern city wedding that also included design elements reminiscent of a vineyard wedding.

The Globe and Mail was the perfect place to have our wedding because it was able to accommodate the long tables, vineyard style, and offer wrap around windows with a city view to highlight the Toronto where we grew up and love. We felt like we were able to achieve a grand city wedding because of the view, but also the cozy vineyard family-style feeling with the long tables / decor.

2) What did you think was unique about it? The almost 360 views of the city and the Toronto skyline as a backdrop made it one of the most unique wedding venues we visited.

3) Did the venue live up to your expectations when you had the wedding? If so, how? Yes it definitely did! The skies were clear, there was a sunset and the night-time city lights were bright. We were happily surprised by the good weather that day, given it was a very cold winter day.

There was ample space for us to have our tea ceremony in the morning, serve lunch and get ready for our church ceremony. Dinner was executed perfectly, the food was amazing, and everyone had a great time with the music and the bar, even though not all our guests were dancers. The staff were very accommodating and helpful and things ran very smoothly despite all the moving parts.

4) How did the venue contribute to making your wedding more special? The venue was a perfect backdrop for the rest of our vendors (floral, decor, lighting, music etc) and again, all the staff were great. The people really made it great.

5) If you could give 3 or 4 tips to future couples having their wedding there, what would they be? 1) Keep the size of the space in mind when you’re designing the decor and feel of the wedding – We know that this venue could have easily held 3x as many people as the amount of guests we had but I think we did a good job of spacing out the activities and decor to make it feel cozy and intimate.

2) This venue is perfect for couples who are looking to minimally decorate and let the venue do the talking – Toronto’s skyline was the perfect backdrop to bring our wedding vision to life. 

3) Keep in touch with the event coordinators, the lighting technicians, the bar staff etc – They were so helpful and accommodating to our needs. I even found my florist through our event coordinator when I was having trouble. Always ask questions when there’s something that isn’t clear, not a lot of people understand how lighting cost and set up works, or what option is best when deciding on the type of bar to have. The Globe and Mail staff are all very knowledgeable and very informative when I had questions.

4) Research other venues with a similar layout or use instagram / other social media to see what events have been held at Globe and Mail. I found this very helpful as I planned the entire wedding  and logistics on my own until the day of (which I hired a day of coordinator for). Past events can be great inspiration for decor, how to take advantage of the layout of the space, what decor looks good where etc.

Bride and Groom embrace on the rooftop at their globe and mail centre wedding by toronto wedding cinematography kismet creative wedding films

Humorous and Heartfelt Wedding Ceremony at Trinity College Chapel

Liz and Jamie gathered their close family for a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony before we headed over to another famous Toronto landmark; Trinity College. Don’t you love how bright and airy the chapel is? It’s a beautiful and historical building, yet filled with so much natural light. It was the perfect location for a ceremony filled with love and humour.

Wedding Ceremony at Trinity College Chapel Toronto, by wedding videography Kismet Creative Wedding Films

Liz and Jamie wrote beautiful personal vows to each other. It was an absolute joy to hear them re-tell their own perspectives of their relationship. A stand-out moment was Liz recalling something Jamie once said to her: “It is our job to give as much love to the world as we can. Even if people take advantage of our love, we still give as much as we can because that’s what it means to be a good person”. Such a true statement that feels evening more poignant given the hardships we’re facing in this pandemic. 

An Unbelievably Beautiful Portrait Session

Post ceremony we headed out into the Trinity College quadrangle for some group and portrait shots, before heading back to the Globe and Mail centre to catch the sunset. I can’t believe we got the most perfect conditions with the perfect location. We spent a good 40 minutes (we could have filmed for longer) out on the roof-top, giving Liz and Jamie the opportunity to share some time together. They were such an easy going couple that we hardly had to give the any direction. Mango Studio’s were great shooting partners, collaborating and sharing the session. We were all so pumped to be out there that the good energy just flowed into awesome shots. 

Bride and Groom dance on the rooftop at their globe and mail centre wedding by toronto wedding cinematography kismet creative wedding films

By the time we made our way back in, Impressario Events had the reception room decked out with contemporary yet classic decor. Guests made their way in for cocktail hour with selfies of the skyline galore. The sun set, everyone rose to their feet before Jamie, Liz, their parents and bridal party made some super energetic entrances! We had some touching speeches, games and finally a kick-ass party. We ended the evening with a night time portrait session, back on the rooftop. With that incredible view, how could you blame us?

Bride and groom embrace on the rooftop at their Globe and Mail Centre Wedding. A beautiful nighttime shot of the Toronto Skyline

So there we have it, our last wedding until…….who knows. We just hope that we can all stay safe and that our future couples still get to have the day of their dreams. We want to say a big thank you to Liz and Jamie, for having us be a part of an incredible day. It was such an honour to witness so many beautiful moments and see you celebrate in style. 

Aerial photo of Toronto Skyline at Sunset by Toronto Wedding Videographer Kismet Creative

Globe and Mail Centre Wedding Vendors

Planning and co-ordination by Impresario Events | Photography by Mango Studios | Officiated by Darcy MacCallum |Makeup by Windy Chiu Makeup & Hair | Hair by Uno Jo Bridal Hair | Florals by Bloom Plus | Catering by Food Dudes | Cake by DaanGo Cake Lab | DJ’d by Unique Entertainment Group Inc | Photobooth by Cinebooth

We hope you enjoyed this film. If you’re getting married we’d love to capture your story. Please get in touch and we hope to speak soon!

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