bride and groom at their hacienda sarria wedding by Toronto wedding videographer kismet creative

Elegant and Emotional Hacienda Sarria Wedding | Tina + Eric

An Elegant Hacienda Sarria Wedding – A European Oasis in Southern Ontario

We immediately bonded with Tina and Eric over stories of Europe. They had spent some time living in London (where Mark is from) and had taken the opportunity to travel across Europe. It’s just so easy to hop on a plane and explore all the history, culture and of course the food. Take it from us, it’s completely addictive. Our absolute favourite vacations are those when we rent a villa close to a small town and truly unwind (literally day dreaming right now).

It made absolute sense when Tina and Eric revealed that they had chosen The Hacienda Sarria as their wedding venue. If you haven’t been there, it’s like a little pocket of Europe in Southern Ontario. With it’s european-style architecture, water fountains, old-world decor, and cosy nooks, it’s a perfect venue to re-live those European memories.

bride walks to meet her groom at their hacienda sarria wedding

Our favourite wedding venues are those that you can explore. They generally have a little more personality to them (if you’ve read through our site, you’ll know is what we’re all about). Call us curious or just plain nosy, we like to have a hunt around and see what makes a place unique. The Hacienda Sarria ticks those boxes and then some. There’s the cozy, comfy lounge, perfect for letter readings (or just hanging out), a very funky bar, the bridal suites are and of course that stunning courtyard. There’s even an additional ballroom where you can dance the night away.

bride and groom dance at their hacienda sarria wedding

We also have to mention the extensive outside areas. The garden has a unique layout, bisected with a water feature. It’s surrounded by bushes, trees and plants which lent a feeling of tranquility to the Wedding Ceremony. Around the side of the building, is the courtyard, with yet more water features and textured backgrounds. A perfect location for a variety of portrait shots. Top tip – don’t discount the parking area. It might not look like much, but that long grass is a great foreground for some dreamy looking images.

Couple kiss at their Hacienda Sarria wedding by Ontario wedding videographer kismet creative

How About that Father of the Bride Speech? And those Vows???

As a father, I couldn’t help but get a little choked up listening to Tina’s father’s speech. I wish we could have used the whole thing. It began with a very humorous retelling of his first encounter with Eric and ended with that beautiful dedication to his daughter. As he said those words “…, 75 centimetres tall, 385 grammes weight…”, I was taken immediately back to the birth of our daughter Isla. Powerful stuff.

Bride cries during her fathers speech at her hacienda sarria wedding

Tina and Eric gave us so much great audio to work with, to form the narrative backbone of their film. We love having the opportunity to mic up couples. Not only to hear the words they’ve written, but also to record those candid moments. First-looks are great for this. Vows and letters are such a great way to tell a story. More importantly they help us understand who a couple is. Tina and Eric packed their vows with personality, little jokes and romantic promises.

One of Our Top 5 All Time Chinese Door Games

It’s REALLY hard filming door games. Do you know why? It’s because we spend pretty much the whole time cracking up. It’s so hard holding that camera steady when you’re giggling away. Tina’s bridesmaids lined up some cracking challenged for Eric and the boys. They begun with some tricky questions before moving on to some bright red lipstick art and of course, the “famous” banana challenge. We say “famous” – it’s actually the first time we saw this, but we’re hoping that once people see this film, it’ll become standard, along with the “balloon bum-bump”, of course. Eric and his gang passed with flying colours, as you’d expect from a devoted and persistent husband-to-be.

Chinese door games captured by Ontario Wedding Videographer Kismet Creative

This good-spirited fun was present throughout the day. From the games to the gifts, the vows, speeches, table toasts and dances. It was a wedding filled with sweet moments and a huge amount of laughter. We’re really grateful to Tina and Eric, for taking us back to Europe for a day, and opening themselves up to us. We think their video is a cracker, we hope you do too.

Bride carries groom at their Hacienda Sarria Wedding

Hacienda Sarria Wedding Vendors

Planning & Co-ordination by Fleur Weddings | Photography by Purple Tree Photography | Venue: Hacienda Sarria | Officated by Enduring Promises | DJ’d by KW Bespoke Weddings | Cake by Louis XIV Cake Boutique | Hair & Makeup by Louisa Make Up & Hairstyling Studio | Dress from White Toronto | Suit from Andrew’s Formal

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