Couple walking in snow at their Hotel X Toronto Wedding by Toronto Wedding Videographer Kismet Creative

Dramatic Hotel X Toronto Wedding Videography | Jayme + Daniel

Hotel X Toronto Wedding in a Snow Storm

When we set off for Jayme and Daniels wedding at the Hotel X Toronto, we couldn’t have imagined how the day would turn out. We knew the forecast wasn’t great, but the skies were clear (although grey) and there was barely a breeze. 20 minutes later, we pulled up to the hotel and BAM! We had snow showering down on us and whipping into our faces.

“Do you think we could still fly the drone?” we pointlessly asked ourselves.

No matter, these sorts of weather events are just our cup of tea. It gives us an opportunity to harness something unexpected that makes the wedding different. It’s almost like adding a little extra spice to a recipe. When we met up with Assaf Friedman (an incredible Toronto Wedding Photographer) we unanimously came to the decision that we had to find a way of taking Jayme & Daniel outside. Snow looks amazing in slow motion, not to mention the drama it could add to all their images. These are the winter weddings that we love.

Couple pose for photos in the snow at their hotel x toronto wedding

Fortunately Jayme and Daniel were on board and heroically hopped between arctic conditions and the sanctuary of the hotel lobby. TOTALLY worth it! The Hotel X Toronto is also the perfect venue for a winter wedding, because there are so many great indoor locations to make the most of.

The New Fort Hall (the Ceremony Location) is a giant glass-enclosed archaeological exhibit. There’s literally glass everywhere, including the floor, through which you can look at some remains from Fort York. It’s bathed in natural light, which makes it the perfect indoor location for portraits and group shots. There’s also that incredible view from the Falcon Bar (it was a little too stormy for us to get out onto the balcony) and the bridal suite has huge windows and tons of space.

Bride and groom walk in the New For Hall at the Hotel X Toronto

A Unique Couple Meets on JSwipe!

Jayme and Daniel wrote incredible speeches which we knew had to form the main narrative for their film. They have such a unique story beginning with a few swipes to the left before that fateful swipe to the right. You’ll have to watch their film to hear how their love blossomed. It’s best told from the source. It’s one of those stories that says so much about their personalities. Daniel loves sports, is dedicated to his career and has his own way of going about things. Jayme is hugely popular, outgoing and gets what she wants, including the love of her life.

While each of them is unique, we saw first-hand how they formed a formidable couple. It’s clear that they have SO much fun together. They’ve been through some tough times too and supported each other throughout. Their wedding was big, fun, emotional and just packed full of personal touches. I mean, don’t you love that custom neon sign?

Custom neon sign at Hotel X Wedding Toronto

An Intense, Elegant and Energetic Jewish Wedding in downtown Toronto

How beautiful did that ceremony look? The New Fort Hall dazzled in the evening, especially with the Huppah draped in thousands of fairly lights. The atmosphere felt truly magical. We have to give a special mention to Rabbi Gellman, who conducted a wonderful ceremony. When going back through all the audio, it became pretty clear that we had to make use of his monologue. It was the perfect narrative to describe two people in love.

Jewish Wedding at Hotel X Toronto, but Toronto Wedding Videographer Kismet Creative

Of course, one of the most memorable parts of a Jewish Wedding is the Hora. We just LOVE the energy when everyone is up dancing, clapping and singing along. Jayme and Daniel, being adventures types, went ALL in. The jumps, the chairs and those many many throws! (We did genuinely wonder if were were about to capture one of those “wedding fails” – Jayme was flying!). I sometimes wish we had footage of our own faces, because we were smiling throughout. You can’t not get caught up in it all.

Main Event Music perform at Hotel X Toronto Jewish Wedding

Top Tips for Your Hotel X Wedding

Jayme and Daniel picket the Hotel X for their wedding, for the following reasons: 1) They wanted to get married at a venue in downtown Toronto. 2) They wanted a contemporary space with multiple locations for their different ceremonies. 3) They needed a space that could accommodate their large guest count.

The Hotel X ticked a lot of boxes for Jayme and Daniel, and having spent some time there we can definitely see why. For those of you who are thinking of getting married there, here are a few tips to make the most of the experience:

1) Book the Bridal Suite. It’s huge. It’s essentially a multi-level apartment, with so much space and natural light. There’s also a balcony, which means you have some wonderful indoor and outdoor portrait spots right at your fingertips.

2) Make use of those spaces. The Hotel X offers multiple rooms, each with a unique feel. Jayme and Daniel made use of them for their cultural ceremonies, but there’s no reason you can’t explore and pick out the rooms that suit your unique needs for the day. Weather you want something light and airy, artistic or dark and a little moody, you’re guaranteed to find something that works for you.

3) Hit the rooftop. The Hotel X has one of the best views of Toronto. You can see the skyline from inside or hop out onto the balcony. The best part? There’s a bar, which means you and your buddies can live it up whilst getting those bridal party photos.

4) Fill out the reception. The Hotel X is one of the few downtown wedding venues that can hold a large number of guests. That means the space can feel a little empty when those first few guests begin entering. We’d recommend that you talk with your planner or decor team to come up with some design ideas to fill out the rooms.

What’s great about the Hotel X is that you’re able to work with somewhat of a blank canvas, that already has a contemporary feel to it. You can really make it into what you want and bring your vision to life without compromise. We’d also recommend hiring a band to get guest up and out of their chairs. You’ll want that dance floor packed from beginning to end!

Bride and groom kiss in the New For Hall at the Hotel X Toronto

Hotel X Toronto Wedding Vendors

We can’t begin to describe how incredible every vendor was . This truly was an all-star cast of talent, brought together by the super chipper Kiera Caruso at Melissa Baum Events. We had the pleasure of shooting along side Assaf Friedman who’s friendly, laid back vibe helped to create at atmosphere of creative collaboration.

We loved those gorgeous Florals by Nous Design Group and the decor looked incredible thanks to the rentals from Detailz Event Rentals, stationary by Raquel Walman Creative Studio and dance floor by Event Graffiti.

Jayme is a naturally beautiful, but that was only accentuated with Hair styling by Allison Kam and makeup by Olena Makeup Art & Beauty. Jayme and Daniel had a HUGE bridal party so we have to give a shout out to the brides maid’s makeup/hair stylists Virasack Hair, Smith Styled and Anne Blumenthal.

As mentioned, Rabbi Gellman conducted a wonderful ceremony and the dance floor was jumping all night long thanks to Main Event Music. We can’t emphasize enough how much live entertainment can add to the atmosphere of the night. Further entertainment came courtesy of Ice Events, with an always popular photobooth.

If you enjoyed this film and are getting married, we’d love to talk to you! Please get in touch! We can’t wait to meet you.

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