Indy & Sanj | Wedding Film |Akali Singh Temple, Vancouver


Its always the audio that drives the narrative of our wedding films and in most cases its a combination of letters, vows and speeches. But Indy and Sanj didn’t have any of those! So what do we do? We talk, listen and pay attention. We spent a little time with them during their reception casually chatting about their relationship and recording what was said.  We’re so grateful that these guys were willing to take a little time out to do that, when you watch you’ll see it was totally worth it! 

We really love this film. Indy and Sanj were such a joy to be around because not only were they very personable and easy going but when they talked about their relationship it reminded us so much of our own experience when we were an ocean apart. Hearing Indy say that his days didn’t feel complete unless he’d head from Sanj really put a smile on our faces. We know exactly how that feels! You can tell how their relationship has been built on such a solid foundation just by seeing how at ease they were around each other. They were constantly playing, joking and enjoying each other’s company, and it was a real pleasure to be able to capture those moments. 

Oh and one other thing, check out the colour in this wedding! I love the bold red and blue, its so punchy and complimentary to the decor of the venue, especially on a bright sunny day. Anyway, enough talking, time to watch…