Couple embrace at their Jump Restaurant Toronto

Wild & Wonderful Downtown Wedding at Jump Restaurant Toronto | Jeannie & Mauricio

The video looks amazing. Thank you so much this is all so incredibly beautiful. Everyone is crying when they watch it!! ” – Jeannie & Mauricio

Touring the City to make the most of a Downtown Wedding in Toronto

We had a blast touring the city with J&M for their Jump Restaurant Wedding in Downtown Toronto. We’re so lucky to live in this amazing place – a city with a variety of scenery to explore, with nature trails, beaches, skyline views and eclectic architecture. We began the day at Cherry Beach for their first look and a little hang out time with their dog Stella (aka “the Cloud”). We then popped down the road to Polson Pier (for some great skyline shots) before heading to the financial district, just below the famous TD towers.

Couple play with tier dog at Cherry Beach for their Downtown Toronto Wedding

How perfect is that? A little nature, some classic skyline vistas and modern architecture to round off an amazing portrait session. Oh, and it helped a ton that we had some crazy good energy on our shoot. J&M requires ZERO, and I mean zero direction. They were wrapped into each others arms the whole time, pretty much oblivious to our presence. All we had to do was hit record. 

Couple dance at Polsen Pier for their Downtown Toronto Wedding

Jump Restaurant Toronto: A perfect Venue for an Urban Wedding

What can we say about Jump Restaurant? It’s definitely one of the “cooler” wedding venues in Toronto. Plush leather seating, ambient lighting and sleek design combine to create an atmosphere that’s perfect for an urban wedding. It’s one of those venues you don’t have to think too much about – it already looks great.

Interior of Jump Restaurant Toronto

That’s one of the big advantages of having a smaller wedding like J&M’s; you have WAY more flexibility with your venue choice. There are a lot of venues that are essentially blank canvases – great if you want to put in the time/effort/vision to fully decorate. But Jump is one of those paces you walk into and think – “this is somewhere that I’d like to spend time with my friends, family and I know I’ll have a great time”. 

The outside space is also fantastic – it has a slight “beachy” vibe, even though it’s smack bang in the middle of the financial district. The space that is owned by Jump Restaurant is perfect for an intimate ceremony and cocktail hour. Then there’s a whole courtyard with a fountain, surrounded by a mixture of architecture, perfect for your group photos (and portraits). A friend of ours is actually getting married next year and asked us to recommend a restaurant to get married at. Without estimation we recommended Jump and also Ricarda’s (you can read about a wedding we filmed there a few years ago HERE). Both venues have ready-made spaces for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, dance parties and photo opportunities. 

Wedding Vows to make the Heart Melt.

Jeanne + Mauricio’s ceremony was incredibly touching. We loved hearing their story through their vows, their promises and also how they honoured Jeannies Mom and Mauricio’s father, both of whom had sadly passed. It was incredibly important to them that they were a part of their wedding and we made sure that they had some prominence in their film as well. Mauricio’s family were also not able to attend from Brazil (due to Covid, of course) so we made sure that they were included as much as possible as well. 

Couple say vows at their Jump Restaurant Wedding Ceremony

After the ceremony, J&M and their guests enjoyed a relaxing cocktail hour on the patio before moving inside for a lively reception. We had some wonderful speeches (some of which you can hear in their film) that had plenty of humour and emotion. I think you can hear from those speeches how much Jeannie and M put into their relationships with their friends and family. 

Couple laugh at speeches at their Jump Restaurant Wedding in Downtown Toronto

Wrapped in Each Others’ Arms all Night

We managed to sneak J&M out during the evening for a few night time shots out by the fountain and in the courtyard. It’s always worth stepping out during the reception. You’ve had a few drinks, done all the hard stuff and are waaaay more relaxed. We didn’t have a sunset to work with, so we brought out a portable light that allowed us to capture some nice dynamic shots. 

We then headed back inside for the party. And what a party it was. From the very first minute their dance floor was packed. The music was blasting and everyone of all ages had a great time.  In the end, as expected, Jeannie + Mauricio were the last ones left on the dance floor, maybe a little tipsy, maybe a little sweaty, but wrapped in each others’ arms non-the-less.

Couple dance at their Downtown Toronto Wedding at Jump Restaurant

Jump Restaurant Toronto Wedding Vendors

Cinematography by Kismet Creative | Hosted by Jump Restaurant Toronto | Planning and Floral Design by Vivid & Vogue | Photography by Scarlet O’Neil | Officiated by Sarah Boyer | Makeup & Hair by All Dolled Up Studio | Cake by Bunners | Favours from Mary’s Brigadieros | DJ’d by Maximum Music

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