Nikko & Darell // Destination Wedding Film // Mayan Riviera

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We recently had a fantastic time with Nikko and Darell, filming their wedding and other fun activities from the week. It was clear right from the get-go that this wedding would have tons of energy and it was important for us to reflect this in their wedding film. We wanted to capture lots of genuine happy moments and intercut with some more epic romantic and scenic shots to give the film a more dynamic feel. When it came to editing we decided to mix up the speed of the shots, ramping up and down from slow to fast and complimenting that with sound effects. Finally we added a nice punchy colour grade and a pumping sound track! 

When we film destination weddings we often spend several days or even a week with the couple, family and friends. This gives us the opportunity to film some extra tidbits such as a pre wedding event, a day out or other important moments. Nikko and Darell asked if we could put together a pre-wedding film to get their guests excited for their entrance to their reception and we gladly obliged! Again, the emphasis was on fun so rather than trying to produce something that was focused on romance we decided to squeeze in as many activities as possible, dive in the sea and just go out and play! We found a great short poem about love and adventure and had Nikko and Darell read it so that we had a nice little narrative base to the film. Anyway, its always better to watch rather than read so take a look….

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