Ricarda’s Toronto Wedding Cinematography | Alex + Caitlin’s Highlight Film

Alex and Cait’s wedding at Ricarda’s Toronto was our first of 2019. It’s always a special feeling, beginning a new season. We feel refreshed, focused and are hungry to shoot. We got to film at Ricarda’s Restaurant for the first time, which is a fantastic venue in downtown Toronto as well as some brilliant vendors (please see the credits below). But best of all, we had the privilege to capture a very mellow, happy and interesting couple.

A Winter Wedding in Toronto

The weather leading up to the wedding was frigid. I mean super cold. We had a good couple of weeks hovering around -20 and we were really hoping to get a break so we could shoot outside in the city. Luckily, we had a little bump in the temperature, a perfectly overcast day and a couple who were real troopers (see if you can spot Caitlin’s snow boots under that dress). 


Filming a snowy Toronto Wedding can be a little challenging. It’s hard to operate your camera with gloves on, batteries drain faster and your socks get wet. However, the snow softens the environment and adds a crispness to the image. When mixed with the warm, candle-lit ambience of the venue we get a nice range of visuals to play with. This is important, especially when filming in a city as vibrant as Toronto with a couple as interesting Alex and Caitlin. They have a dynamic life, therefore it makes sense to create a visually dynamic film. 

Deeply Personal Wedding Vows

Our favourite aspect of Alex and Cait’s wedding? Hands down the vows. They’re poetic, sweet and honest. We wish were making a longer film to sprinkle more of them throughout. Writing your vows can be hard (see our post “How to Write your Wedding Vows”), but Alex and Caitlin are an example of how to do this right. They told us a story, they talked about challenges, hardships and how they came through it all. Furthermore, they spoke to each other and not to a piece of paper. When people engage with each other, it can feel like we, as viewers, are engaging with them too. Here are a few of our favourite snippets:

“I want to grow old with you by my side, and at the end of the day, look back at it all with no regrets. You have stolen my heart and it will always be yours.”

“We’ve been dragged through darkness both left reaching for more and w’ve been kissed by the sun as we’ve watched the clouds between the valleys. Through it all there was you for me and me for you. That will never change.”


Toronto Portrait Locations: Grange Park + Osgoode Hall

We were so glad to shoot outside! We love filming around Toronto, as it’s such an interesting city with great architecture and hidden nooks. Grange Park is behind the AGO. It’s a small-ish park, but stand in the middle and you’ll find yourself staring at historical buildings, the CN tower and contemporary sculptures. It made for a great first look location. Enough room to stand back and let them Alex and Caitlin have their moment, but also an awesome backdrop with multiple spots for some follow up shots. 

We then headed to Osgoode Hall, which is a very well known spot in the city. You’ll often see wedding couple’s having their portraits shot there and there’s a reason why it’s so popular. We love the grandeur of the buildings, with the steps, pillars and cobbled streets. On top of that, there’s the iron gates backing on to University avenue and a cute little park area for a splash of nature. 


All of our locations were within a 5 minute uber ride from each other which made it very easy to squeeze in a range of spots. In fact we just ended up walking back through the city to Ricarda’s for Alex and Cait’s ceremony. 

Ricarda’s Toronto Wedding Venue

This was our first time filming at Ricarda’s Toronto and we loved this venue! The atrium is open with plenty of natural light in the day (although Alex and Cait’s ceremony was at dusk) and the dining room offers a contemporary yet intimate space. It’s also super interesting and not a venue that requires a whole lot of work to style-up. Alex and Cait sprinkled personal ornaments throughout and went with a more minimalist decor design, allowing guests to focus on the wonderful experience, cocktail in hand (of course!).

We had such a fun time, chatting with Alex and Cait’s friends, reminiscing about Indonesia (where Alex’s family originate) and enjoying some incredibly tasty food. The speeches were emotional, funny and full of great stories (by the way, don’t you love how Cait and Alex cozied up while watching on?). The party kicked off quickly and you can see how much fun everyone had. 


In conclusion, we can confidently say our season started with a bang. Fun, interesting and open characters in a fantastic venue. What more could we want? Thank you so much for having us, Alex and Caitlin, and here’s to the rest of 2019!

Wedding hosted by Ricarda’s Toronto Restaurant
Photography by Ramya J Images
Makeup & Hair by Blushing Belles
Cake by SilverLines
Officiated by Ellie Priaro from Aeic Weddings
DJ’d by by Alley Entertainment

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