Robby & Joti | “They Are Love” (Pre-Wedding Film) | Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, Edmonton AB


We were so excited when Robby and Joti got in touch with us last year to see if we’d be willing to spend a week with them in Edmonton to film their week long wedding celebrations. Its not often that you get to spend so much time with a couple and this was a fantastic opportunity to produce some really unique content for them. As well creating their wedding films we decided it would be great to come up with something that they could play at their wedding reception. On one of our Skype calls Robby and Joti suggested a movie-trailer/perfume commercial type video which would compliment the classical oscar party style reception they were throwing. 

So away I went to have a think about how to make something that felt high-end that I could shoot and edit within a few days (quite a challenge!). The plan was to shoot in a variety of locations to make our “world” feel as big as possible, include multiple people, sets-ups and emotional moments along with some beauty shots. Our main location was the stunning Fairmont Hotel MacDonald which really added a sense of grandeur to the video along with some more intimate moments in the River Valley. I also had the opportunity to shoot some great footage from a few of the events that took place earlier in the week which were full of moments of complete happiness and joy. From the beginning I knew that we would need a great narrative to tie everything together. The original plan was to interview a few key friends and family members but in the run up to the filming I felt that we might need something a little more scripted, just to get that movie trailer (rather than documentary) feel. And so I came up with the idea of “what is love?” and how do Robby and Joti epetimise that? The script pretty much wrote itself during the first few days I was there, after getting to know everyone a little more and seeing how the footage was coming together it became very clear what Robby and Joti were all about and I had one of those amazing 10 minutes when words flew out of my brain and onto the keyboard! 

When we discussed the idea of this short film I have to admit that I felt a little nervous! I wasn’t sure if we were setting the bar a little high and if we could pull it off in such a short space of time. But in the end we were lucky to have such a great couple to work with who really threw themselves, along with their friends and family into the project. We’re so happy with how this little video turned out! And we can’t wait to create some more unique projects with couples in the future!

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