Ruby & Armand | Wedding Highlight Film | Cecil Green Park House, Vancouver BC

I really felt a connection with Ruby and Armand. I think its really just that they reminded me of my and Danielle’s relationship. Just like us, they met at a time of their lives when neither of them had absolutely any desire to be in a relationship and they were completely happily single. I read once that you can only truly love someone when you love yourself and I think its this state of mind that gives you the foundation for being a great partner. When you just happen to meet someone who is in the same state of mind you can’t help but be drawn to each other. Its your secret club of happiness and it quickly evolves into a state of love. Ruby and Armand soon found themselves spending day after day with each other and realized that they were meant to be. 

This video is a little different to many of our films because we incorporated some interview footage. Often interviews can feel a little “rigid” to me but I wanted to just film a conversation that I had with each of them. I felt that I wanted to learn more about them and present a glimpse into their experience of meeting which could compliment the great best man’s speech. It co-incided with some thinking I’d been doing recently about character development (all to come in the next blog post) and how I can expand the story-telling process by revealing some more details about a couple’s personality. I’m hoping you like it because I think we’ll be doing more of it in the future!

Anyway, back to the wedding. Awesome couple with amazing friends. A beautiful fall day, stunning location and best of all……..a smoke machine!!! (seriously, can more people have smoke machine’s at their weddings please?) 

Directed and edited by Mark Relf
Additional cinematography by Daniel Brand
Photography by David Cho Photography
Co-ordination by Weddings by Mia
Flowers by V&J Plant Shop
DJ’d by Brent Faddies
Featuring Vancouver Flipbook