Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer? 6 Reasons why it is so Important

We know you think this might be coming from a slightly biased position (I mean, I am a Wedding Videographer), but one of the reasons we’re driven to film weddings year after year is because we feel it is so important. It was after getting married that we realized just how pivotal a moment a wedding is in the story of a couple’s life. Suddenly our perspective changed. We ditched the commercial work, reality TV and murky world of indie films and embraced the beauty of creating unique stories for people like you. 

In the last few years we’ve seen a huge shift in perspective. A Wedding videographer was always seen as a “nice to have” but has now become absolutely essential to an increasing number of couples. The quality of work that is being put out across the world is mind blowing, with advancements in technology and a sharing of knowledge. It’s amazing to be a part of it. For those that are on the fence, you should jump on board and here are some great reasons why…..

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1) A Wedding Video is THE best way to preserve the memory of the event.

There’s a 99% chance that if you’re getting married you’re also hiring a photographer. Why is that? To preserve the memory of a day that is over so quickly. While photographers do a great job of capturing moments, they are fleeting. It’s a single moment without context, a before or an after. Just think about this: A Wedding Videographer captures 24 photos every second that the camera is rolling. Those are a lot of images! And you get to see them play out in a sequence so you can see the change in expression, the difference in light, sound and a whole lot more. Video captures the nuances in behaviour and reactions that photos simply cannot. In fact, we’re coming across more couples who realize this and are prioritizing wedding videography over photography. 

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2) A Good Wedding Videographer Tells a Story

Those 24 images per second mean that we are constantly capturing a sequence of events. Those sequences combine to create stories. And those stories tell us who you are, where you are and what you are doing. Our wedding films are so much more than just “wedding videos”. We want to create something that reflects your personalities so that if a stranger were to watch your film, they would feel like they got to know you. Why is this important? Because you’ll change. You might become strangers to yourselves but you’ll always have a wedding film to remind you who you were.

Decades from now you’ll be reminded of your hopes and what it meant to you when you said your vows. If you have a fight, you’ll be reminded why it is so important to make up. When you lose someone you’ll be reminded of how they were an important part of your life. 

A wedding is a pivotal moment in your story. The end of one chapter, and the beginning of the next, so it makes sense to capture it. 

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3) A Wedding Videographer is a SOUND recordist too!

We think this is huge. You don’t just see a wedding, you hear it. Sound recalls so many memories and it makes sense to record them as well. A Wedding Videographer is the only person at your wedding who will be professionally recording your vows, speeches, letters and other great moments that you will never hear again. Watch our films, and listen to how important sound is. We use it as the base of our narrative and it’s what we edit before we even touch the visuals. Sound is 50% of the experience that deliver and you’re getting twice the sensory stimulation that photography can provide. 

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4) Wedding Cinematographers Capture Movement.

This goes back to the whole 24 images every second thing. Movement is a huge differentiator between photography and videography. How did you walk down the aisle? How did you guys move for your first dance? How did you laugh? How did you cry? How crazy did your friend get at the party? Seeing these actions in motion, either again or for the first time is priceless. We communicate mostly through body language and you simply can’t see those amazing moments again without the movement being captured. 

We also give our cameras motion to guide you through the wedding experience. These movements reveal details, change perspective and add emotion to scenes. Movement changes with energy sometimes synchronizing with music or just the general feeling of the action. Life is never static and neither are we when we film weddings. We want to take you on a ride through the most incredible day of your lives! And we’re the only people at your wedding with the technology and skill to do so. 

5) You’ll get a whole new perspective of your wedding day.

A wedding film isn’t just about re-living an experience. It’s also about seeing it from another perspective. We are that fly no the wall at each moment of the day, whether you are there or not. We’ve had our own wedding and we know that there is so much to miss. From not being with each other when you’re getting ready to not seeing the reaction on your parents faces as you say your vows. You might be getting some fresh air while the party is raging on or you might be having photos during the cocktail hour. You only get to experience a small part of your wedding day. But by having your wedding filmed, you get to see it all! Oh, and you might get to see some cool aerial shots too!


6) Our creativity can add to the experience of the day.

A Wedding Videographer can often come up with creative ideas to enjoy your day. For example, an interview or lifestyle shoot might reveal small details about your individual perspectives that might not be known otherwise. Your nerves about reading your vows might mean that we encourage you to stage a “mini-elopement” during the day. In fact you can read about some more examples here. We have no intention of making your big day into a film set, but we have been present at hundreds of weddings and know what works and what doesn’t.  Planning a wedding is hard work but we can bring in some fresh ideas and inspire you to think of something that’ll make your experience more enjoyable. 

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When you wake up on the morning after your wedding day you’ll think about how fast the day went. How all that planning and preparation is done. Post wedding blues is actually a thing by the way! Knowing you’ll be able to re-live the whole experience again will be a huge relief. And whether you work with us or one of the many many fantastic vendors in Canada, we guarantee you won’t regret the decision. 

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