Wedding Cinematography at Palais Royal Toronto | Amy + Matt

When I think back to Amy and Matt’s wedding at The Palais Royale in Toronto I’m hit by something quite distinct. A ridiculous amount of positive energy and love that was directed to two people for an entire day. Now, I know that might be something you’d expect at a wedding, but with these guys……it was just a little different.

Unique Characters = Unique Wedding Film

Amy and Matt are two of those people that you can only hope will come into your lives. They are people full of energy and warmth. These guys have A LOT of friends. And I mean good friends. Its amazing to see how people gravitate towards them, but most importantly, how they gravitate toward each other. They’re inseparable and only seem to make each other better. They laughed, joked and cried together and truly lived the experience of getting married. 


In a previous blog post waaaaay back, I wrote about the importance of character in Wedding Film making. Most weddings follow a similar sequence of events, and so it would be very easy for every wedding film to feel quite similar. That is why characters are so important. Because even though any 2 weddings can seem quite similar (in terms of story) the characters will always be unique. And the more interesting those characters, the more interesting the film. 

Amy and Matt are prime examples of this. When I watch their film, I really like them. I want to know them more and I root for them as they complete their journey. They were absolutely themselves and weren’t afraid to express their emotions in front of us and their guests. It also helps that they have a background in performance (Amy actually has a clown alter ego). 

As Wedding Cinematographers we have a huge part to play in this. By getting to know our clients and making sure they feel comfortable in our company. But its also important for our couples to understand that this is a film about them and a time in their lives. Not just a documenting of a day.


The Fabulous Palais Royale Toronto

We are still relatively new to Toronto but The Palais Royale is hands down my favourite venue (so far at least).  It’s not just the fact that its right on the water, but there is also the fantastic parkland that surrounds it and that magnificent ballroom. There’s history, decor and tons of space to host your ceremony and reception. I’m also going to give a shout out to the great technical team they have there. They gave us a great sound feed and also provided some stellar lighting for the reception. Big thumbs up guys! 


Some of Toronto’s Finest Wedding Vendors

Shout outs to some real team players here. Karen of Karen G Events, kept things on track and clearly had a great bond with the couple. Alex Nirta, who is a good friend of the couple, was a real pleasure to shoot with all day. Danielle (as in my super Wife) and her team from All Dolled Up Studio, provided some beautiful natural looks to the bride, the moms and bridesmaids. Tade Creudger is one of those officiants who absolutely compliments a wedding ceremony. She just adds such a great energy without taking away the focus from the couple. Finally I’d also like to mention The Intentions. These guys were great to chat with but also got the dance floor absolutely rocking. I love live music at weddings. You can’t beat it. 

I hope you enjoy this wedding film. We LOVED making it.

You can check out more of our films HERE. And if you’d like to know a little more about what we do please get in touch!

Directed and edited by Mark Relf
Additional Cinematography by Grant Lynch
Planning by Karen G Events
Photography by Alex Nirta
Make up and Hair Styling  by All Dolled Up Studio
Officiated by Tade Creudger
Flowers by Cool Green & Shady
Cake by I Do! Wedding Cakes
Live Music performed by The Intentions

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