Wedding Cinematography Workshop in Toronto


The “Focus” Wedding Cinematography Workshop in Toronto, Canada

We’re so excited to announce our latest Wedding Cinematography workshop “Focus”, which will be held in Toronto this spring (just in time for wedding season!). Whether you’re just starting out as a wedding film maker or a seasoned pro looking to brush up in some skills, we’re positive we’ll be imparting some wisdom that will take your work to the next level. You’ll also have the opportunity to work closely with our Creative Director Mark and leave the experience with a beautiful wedding film to add to your portfolio.

Stop making wedding videos. Treat weddings as an excuse to make unique films about amazing people.

We’re known for crafting wedding films with a strong sense of story telling and identity. Our aim is that if a stranger were to watch one of our films, that they would feel like they got to know the couple. We want them to empathize with them and understand their experience. It’s not just about showing a sequence of events, but understanding the true nature of a story and bringing it to life.

To us, character, is the most important element of story telling. After all, once you care about your characters you’ll care about their story. You’ll understand their emotions and share in the ride. Most weddings share the same essential plot. Two people fall in love and get married. But it’s their characters that make them unique and add depth. This is the key pillar to everything that we teach.

Get yourself into the upper tier of wedding film makers

Our Wedding Cinematography Workshop is a personal two day event with no more than eight students. The first day will be largely theoretical, deeply analyzing the process of capturing the elements that make a great story. We’ll talk about the tools and methods that we use and share our secrets that have established us as one of Canada’s premier vendors.

The second day will be much more hands on and practical. We’ll be working with an amazing couple who will share their story for us to capture. Together we’ll create a beautiful elopement film, shooting across the city at iconic locations. Not only will you leave our workshop with a new level of understanding, but you’ll have a legitimate wedding film to add to your portfolio.

Learn with one of Canada’s Best Wedding Cinematographers

Our Creative Director Mark spent 5 years working as a camera operator, sound mixer and editor at the BBC. He went on to edit and direct documentaries, short films, trailers and commercials for the likes of Disney, Warner Brothers and Universal. Filming weddings was a passion and side project until an unexpected win at the BC Wedding Awards in 2014. The influx of new clients gave Mark the opportunity to become creatively independent whilst maintaining an incredible work-life balance. His dream job allows him to travel the world, meet incredible people and develop his own projects. Outside of the wedding season he creates concept trailers for production companies in New York and London as well as filming commercials for a range of clients. In 2018 he began production on a long-standing passion project; a science-fiction TV series. But most importantly he has forged a life with the the freedom to enjoy invaluable time with the people his loves most; his wife Danielle and their daughter Isla.

Book your spot today!

The FOCUS workshop dates are May 9 + 10 2019 and will be held in downtown Toronto. Places are $495 + hst and include 2 full days of eduction, lunch, a finished 2-3 minute Elopement film for your portfolio AND a personal 1 hour Skype session with Mark.

For more information please email us at . We can’t wait to work with you!

PS. The photo above was taken by Love Flora and Fauna photography; amazing photographers we recently worked with in Mexico. You can see our film HERE.

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