wedding videography workshop and mentorship in toronto

Wedding VIDEOGRAPHY WorkshopS & MENTORSHIPS in Toronto

The Kismet Creative Workshop and Mentorship programs are personalized tutoring sessions during which we’ll take a deep dive into your wedding filmmaking techniques and answer the questions you need answers to.  Whether you’re just starting out as a wedding film maker or a seasoned pro looking to brush up in some skills, we’re positive we’ll be imparting some wisdom that will take your work to the next level.

We’ve been working in the creative industries since 2004 and currently run one of Toronto’s premium wedding film making studios as well as creating branded content for commercial and corporate clients. We’ll use that experience to provide guidance, education and support to aspiring film makers who resonate with the work we produce. 

While we are business owners, we are primarily creators. Making unique films that reflect authentic stories are what drives us, and we want to share that passion with you. Our mentorships therefore focus on the creative side of wedding filmmaking in ways that will help your business grow. 

Wedding Videography Mentorship

1hr Session: $175+hst / 3 X 1 hr sessions: $450 + hst

This one hour personalzied mentorship will be conducted over Zoom/Google Hangouts & is a perfect way to begin your education journey with us. Our aim is to pack a short session with as much information as possible so we’ll make sure to prepare accordingly. We’ll review your website and films, and come up with a list on what we think you most need to improve on. You’ll send us a list of what you think you need to improve on, we’ll merge those and come up with an agenda that makes the most of our time together. 

Following your one hour, in person call over zoom with our Creative Director Mark you’ll receive a video recording of the call so you have the information to refer back to. 

1 on 1 Wedding Videography Workshop

$1900 (for one) / $2200 (for two)

The 1:1 Workshop is an all day experience. Workshops will take place in Toronto. These coaching sessions are designed to be taught to one or two students at a time. You can either come solo or bring a shooting partner to reduce the cost. 

We will start with an in person mentorship classroom session. We’ll use this time to talk over ideas, hear what you’d most like help with and go through camera settings so that you’re as prepared as can be for the practice session.

We’ll then head out for a 3-4 Hour Styled Shoot with a couple. You’ll get first hand access to how I pose couples, use natural light, help with camera settings, and guidance along the way as you shoot. After the session, we will head to a coffee shop, go through the footage and complete a quick edit session (how to create selects, sequences, build narrative stories, sound mix and colour grade). 

You’ll be able to take the footage away and complete your edit, after which we’ll have an additional 1 hour online class where you’ll receive feedback on how to improve your film.


$800 per shoot

This is an opportunity to come along to one of our wedding shoots and observe, ask questions and see us in action. It includes a 1 hour online mentorship session during which we’ll go through the wedding itinerary and explain what preparations we’ll be making before the shoot. We’ll take a look at your existing work and plan ways to offer tutoring while we’re filming the event, in a way that doesn’t impact the work we’re doing for the couple.

You’ll see how we conduct ourselves on a wedding day, give direction, shape light, record sound and build relationships with vendors. If you’d like to film, we’ll give you guidance and feedback. You’ll be with us from post-prep until the beginning of the reception. After the wedding we’ll conduct an additional online mentorship session, during which you can ask further questions as well as receive further feedback after we’ve had the opportunity to review any footage you captured. 


$80 per film.

Send us one of your wedding films and we’ll send you a video detailing feedback and ways to improve. 


Suitable for those who have some experience but are looking to accelerate their development. You’ll be shooting with us, assisting and providing editorial support. In return you’ll receive a feedback zoom session after each shoot, and one on one training to improve. Candidates will also have the opportunity to continue their development by taking on third shooter and second shooter positions with us in the future. 

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