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Welcome to our blog! Not only will we be show-casing our latest work but we will also sharing a “videographers perspective” on weddings in the hope that we can provide a few little nuggets of advise for anyone about to embark on planning their big day. As wedding cinematographers we have the unique opportunity to be able to analyze weddings in a deeper way than anyone else. We’re the “fly on the wall” at every moment of the day and we’re the people that spend hours watching through every second of the footage that has been captured. There are so many ingredients that make a wedding great and they’re usually the same ingredients that make a great wedding film; design, location, costume, story and most importantly character. A wedding should be all about you and so should your wedding film. 


  • Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer? 6 Reasons why it is so Important

  • I know you think this might be coming from a slightly biased position, but one of the reasons we’re driven to film weddings year after year is because we feel it is so important. It was after getting married that we realized just how pivotal a moment a wedding is in the story of a couple’s life. Suddenly our perspective changed. We ditched the commercial work, reality TV and murky world of indie films and embraced the beauty of creating unique stories for people like you. Kismet Creative was born.  In the last few years we’ve seen a huge shift in perspective. Wedding videography was always seen as a “nice to have” but has now become absolutely essential to an increasing number of couples. The quality of work that is being put out across the world is mind blowing, with advancements in technology and a sharing of knowledge. It’s amazing to be a part of it. For those that are on the fenc[...]
  • Liberty Grand Wedding Video Toronto | Mike + Nabeela Feature Film

  • We've already written quite a bit about Mike and Nabeela's Liberty Grand Wedding HERE. As much fun as we have putting together Same Day Edits there really is no substitute for a well-put together Cinematic Film. We get to show so much more and reflect the dynamic nature of the day. This is why we always recommend Same Day Edits as an addition, rather than the main focus of a wedding film collection. They're a compliment to the entertainment of the day. But a really good Wedding Film, with time and thought put into it, is a true keepsake that you'll treasure for the rest of your lives.  Expanded Story Telling Although we filmed interviews as part of the Same Day Edit, we still wanted them to form a significant part of the main film. The way they talk about the early stages of their relationship sets the tone for their "togetherness". When we're able to get nice candid interviews [...]
  • South Asian Wedding Film Toronto | Palais Royale and The Gardiner Museum | Amit + Mona

  • This wedding was HOT! Oh my, I think we were hitting 40 degrees at the end of June this year. Despite us spending much of the day by the lake, there was little respite from the humidity. I’m sure you’ll believe me when I say that a LOT of sweat went into making this film! But boy, was it worth it.  The Importance of Crafting a Narrative There are times where you just have to go that extra 10% and make sure you’re creating something special. When we met, Mona and Amit told me of their plan to write letters to each other. We talked about whether they would read them during their prep or as a part of their photo shoot. But being visitors to Toronto, running around in the week up to their wedding, writing letters in time for the big day proved a task too far.  But we’re not ones to let go. You can see from our work how important an audio narrative is to us. It forms the back[...]
  • The Arlington Estate Wedding Videography | Tara + Shayan

  • The dancing may have started right after the first kiss. I’m honestly not sure, but I just have the memory of seeing someone dancing somewhere at all times. Tara + Sayan’s Arlington Estate Wedding was a toughie. Not because it was hard to film or because we didn’t have great material. But because we were just spoilt for choice!  When we met Tara and Shayan, they said that they wanted their video to show everyone having “the time of their life”. And their guests certainly did. But when it came to reviewing all the footage, it became clear that this was a wedding with so much more. It wasn’t just a day of dancing, partying and good times. It was a day full of emotion, beautiful moments and sincere words. And we couldn’t ignore those.  Those Speeches There were 7 or so really great speeches at Tara and Shayan’s wedding, any one of which could have formed the base narrative for th[...]
  • 5 Unique Wedding Video Ideas

  • We love working up with unique wedding video ideas. They may come from us, from you or someone else. But what is important is how they will add so much to your wedding film and add to the experience of your day. We can create pockets of intimate moments which can offer respite from what is often a hectic schedule. They can be special, emotional and fun.  So take a look at 5 Unique Wedding Video ideas that you can incorporate into your day: Read your Love Letters Over the Phone It’s quite common for couples to exchange gifts and personal letters to each other on the morning of their wedding. But Esther and Cameron took things up a notch and read them to each other over the phone. We loved this idea! Not only do we get a reaction to reading the letter, we get a reaction to the reaction! It added more emotion to the moment and meant we had some nice back and forth engagement to work [...]
  • Toronto Same Day Edit | Liberty Grand Wedding | Nabeela + Mike

  •  A Toronto Same Day Edit at The Liberty Grand We couldn’t help but get excited when Mike and Nabeela requested a Same Day Edit as part of their wedding at the Liberty Grand in Toronto. The idea of putting together an entire wedding film within the space of hours might seem bonkers. But there’s just so much we love about Same Day Edits. There’s the thrill of a deadline, the collaborating between shooters and editor all at once and the immense immense gratification of seeing an audience’s react to your work.  At the end of the evening, Mike and Nabeela expressed their gratitude and told us how they loved the edit. It meant so much knowing that we had (at the very least) met their expectations and delivered on our promise to them. Putting together a Same Day Edit is a real team effort and there were high-fives all around.   Mike and Nabeela watching their Same Day Edit Pre-W[...]

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