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Welcome to our blog! Not only will we be show-casing our latest work but we will also sharing a “videographers perspective” on weddings in the hope that we can provide a few little nuggets of advise for anyone about to embark on planning their big day. As wedding cinematographers we have the unique opportunity to be able to analyze weddings in a deeper way than anyone else. We’re the “fly on the wall” at every moment of the day and we’re the people that spend hours watching through every second of the footage that has been captured. There are so many ingredients that make a wedding great and they’re usually the same ingredients that make a great wedding film; design, location, costume, story and most importantly character. A wedding should be all about you and so should your wedding film. 


  • 5 Unique Wedding Video Ideas

  • We love working up with unique wedding video ideas. They may come from us, from you or someone else. But what is important is how they will add so much to your wedding film and add to the experience of your day. We can create pockets of intimate moments which can offer respite from what is often a hectic schedule. They can be special, emotional and fun. 

    So take a look at 5 Unique Wedding Video ideas that you can incorporate into your day:
    destination wedding videography barcelona admiral de la font sitges
    Read your Love Letters Over the Phone

    It’s quite common for couples to exchange gifts and personal letters to each other on the morning of their wedding. But Esther and Cameron took things up a notch and read them to each other over the phone. We loved this idea! Not only do we get a reaction to reading the letter, we get a reaction to the reaction! It added more emotion to the moment and meant we had some nice back and forth engagement to work into the video. As you can see, those beautiful and candid few minutes and gave us the perfect intro to their film. 


    Taryn came up with her own unique take on a gift/letter exchange by recording a message on an iPad. Her Fiancé,  Mike didn’t have to read, he could just listen and watch. He was able to soak up the moment and we were able to capture his reaction. You can check out our post about their wedding HERE.

    unique wedding video idea

    Try out an Alternate First Look

    Approximately 50% of our clients decide to do a first look, and we love the emotional and candid reactions that we’re able to film. But some couples would rather save that moment for their ceremony, which is something we totally get. After all, this is what we decided to do for our wedding day. But not “seeing” each other doesn’t mean that you can’t spend some time with each other. 

    Wes and Rachel met back to back, to talk about their day and the experience they were about to go though. This little break in their schedule allowed for a moment of peace and reflection. It reinforced that they were experiencing a life-changing event and that they were doing it together. In fact Wes and Rachel’s film is full of unique wedding video ideas. From the prayer circle to a rendition of “Afternoon Delight” and Napolean Dynamite tribute dance. These guys are an inspiration for anyone who wants to inject fun and energy into their day. Check out their blog post HERE.  

    5 Unique Wedding Video Ideas by Kismet Creative

    Or even a Father-Daughter First Look!

    Sadly a Father seeing his daughter for the first time on her wedding day seems to be a dying tradition. I remember when my Father saw my Sister for the first time on her wedding day. I couldn’t help but get a little choked up. Sometimes the morning is so busy and hectic that there’s just not time or perhaps your the Father is getting ready at home while the Bride is on a hotel. Either way, its s special moment and doesn’t have to be missed. 

    Giselle is so close to her Father and wanted to make sure they had some time together. She didn’t want to see her Fiancé before walking down the aisle, so she had a first look with her Dad instead. It gave him the opportunity to offer advice and help to settle Giselle’s nerves. 

    You don’t have to do a Father-Daughter first look at your hotel or home. It could be at a spot that we pick out on the way to the ceremony or at the venue itself. Either way, we really believe that a Dad’s reaction is priceless. Lets make this tradition popular again!

    5 Unique Wedding Video Ideas by Kismet Creative

    Spend a Little Time Reminiscing About Your Relationship 

    We met with Chris and Catherine for a lifestyle shoot in preparation for their Same Day Edit. As normal, we had a short interview session and afterwards Chris brought out a box of letters and asked “do you think we can use these at all?”. We had Chris and Catherine sit on a log on Jerricho Beach and spend 30 minutes or so looking at old letters, tickets and photos. Re-jogging those memories as you approach your wedding day can be a very powerful experience. 

    5 Unique Wedding Video Ideas by Kismet Creative

    Reminiscing about your relationship is also a great way to add a ton of depth to your wedding film. We love how we learnt so much about the couple from the interaction. We needed up ditching all our interview footage and went with this instead. If there’s a way of creating a candid moment full of emotion we’ll use it!


    Stage a Mini Elopement

    We recently worked with a couple who wanted to write personal vows to each other, but felt nervous about saying them in front of all their friends and family. So we suggested that we try a mini-elopement as part of their photoshoot. Along with he photographer we found a pretty spot in the Kortright Centre to film in. And there, surrounded by nature, peace and quiet, the couple shared some beautiful words with each other. 

    We were so lucky to film such an intimate moment that just wouldn’t have been the same as part of a Ceremony. They felt more comfortable being alone, without any of the noise and distraction that can be a part of a larger ceremony. 

    There was also the added bonus of the couple being put at ease for their ceremony. So much so, in fact, that they decided to repeat their vows to each other during their ceremony after all. So if you’re in the same boat, or perhaps you have a religious ceremony with traditional vows (or no vows), think about taking a few minutes out of your day to share something personal with each other. 

    5 Unique Wedding Video Ideas by Kismet Creative

    Bonus Idea: Smoke Out Your Dance Floor

    A smoke machine is a simple and effective way to get your dance floor bouncing. Ruby and Armand used one for their party and result was a drop in inhibition, more creative dance moves and super cool lighting effects.

    Most couples probably leave the DJ to come up with anything creative for their party. But the party is when everyone has the most fun. A good party will etch your wedding day into the memory of your guests and it’s importance shouldn’t be underestimated. Having some kind of distraction (smoke machine, glow sticks or bubbles) will make everyone stop thinking about how they look dancing and give them the freedom to let loose. 

    5 Unique Wedding Video Ideas by Kismet Creative

    So what do you think of these Unique Wedding Video Ideas? Comment below and let us know if you have any of your own. We’d love to hear them! 

  • Toronto Same Day Edit | Liberty Grand Wedding | Nabeela + Mike

  • A Toronto Same Day Edit at The Liberty Grand

    We couldn’t help but get excited when Mike and Nabeela requested a Same Day Edit as part of their wedding at the Liberty Grand in Toronto. The idea of putting together an entire wedding film within the space of hours might seem bonkers. But there’s just so much we love about Same Day Edits. There’s the thrill of a deadline, the collaborating between shooters and editor all at once and the immense immense gratification of seeing an audience’s react to your work. 

    At the end of the evening, Mike and Nabeela expressed their gratitude and told us how they loved the edit. It meant so much knowing that we had (at the very least) met their expectations and delivered on our promise to them. Putting together a Same Day Edit is a real team effort and there were high-fives all around.  

    Mike and Nabeela watching their Same Day Edit

    toronto same day edit liberty grand

    Pre-Wedding Shoot

    We like to use our Same Day Edits as an opportunity to produce something a little different from a highlight film. If possible, we’ll shoot some pre-events or an engagement shoot and then conduct an interview session with the couple. It means that we already have some material to put in the edit to somewhat ease the pressure on the day. By interviewing the couple we’ll have some audio that can be used for our narrative rather than trying to figure that out on the fly. Then we have more time to go through our wedding day footage and put the best stuff in. 

    When it came to editing the interview footage, a clear theme emerged from what had been recorded. And that was a real sense of togetherness that Mike an Nabeela have. Their relationship wasn’t one that started with a bang. It began as a friendship and grew slowly until a realization that they shared something truly special. I loved that anecdote from Nabeela, talking about how they would go pretend furniture shopping. You can imagine how such an innocent sounding activity could plant the seed for imagining a life together. Then Mike sums it up so well. They didn’t need to ask each other what they liked, because their answers would always be the same. 

    toronto same day edit liberty grand

    Excitement for the Final Wedding Film

    We’re already excited to put together Mike and Nabeela’s final wedding film. One of the things you miss from a Same Day Edit is large chunks of the reception. We’ve got some great speeches, performances and a pumping party to throw in there. Not to mention story expansion, additional beauty shots and emotional moments from throughout the day. Watch this space….

    toronto same day edit liberty grand

    Directed and filmed by Mark Relf
    Edited by Gina Simone and Mark Relf
    Additional Cinematography by David Stokes
    Photography by Ever After Photography
    Henna by Apoorva’s Henna Works
    Make up by  Elegance Salon
    Hair by Sana Bennett 

    Cake by Dufflet Pastries 
    Decor by Supriya Mehra 

  • 5 Ways We Turn“Wedding Videos” Into “Wedding Films”

  • There are so many different style of Wedding Video to choose from. There are traditional, documentary, music-video, super 8 home movies and cinematic. With so much video content out there it’s impossible not to be inspired by what others are creating. Each style has its own merit and we can appreciate it all. But when it came to figuring out our direction, we knew we wanted to implement the style we knew and liked the best: Film. So here are 5 ways in which we turn our Wedding Videos into Wedding Films.

    Toronto Vancouver wedding videos into wedding films by kismet creative


    1) Our Wedding Videos are inspired by actual films

    Think about your favourite films. Why do you love them? It’s unlikely that you’re thinking about the camera work, the editing or the sound mixing (although these can certainly play a part). It’s probably more to do with the characters, the world and the emotional journey those characters take in that world (more about this later…). 

    So we approach our weddings with this in mind. How can we capture the essence of our characters (as in you!)? How can we reflect the world you exist in?  And how can we create a narrative that allows a viewer to share in your emotional journey? 

    Our team has worked on several film productions over the years and it’s a medium we’re all familiar with. Two of our second shooters, Grant and Alvin work in film VFX (Grant even worked on the Oscar Winning film “The Shape of Water”). Laurent is a well regarded focus puller and camera operator in BC. And Mark has filmed and edited for clients such as Warner, Disney, Marvel and the BBC. You can check out some of his film & commercial work on his website markrelf.com. 

    We take inspiration from pre-production to delivery. We advise you on writing your vows, we give you ideas that we can film,  we plan the recording of audio, we learn about your wedding design and we spend extra time scouting your venues. By being as prepared as possible we’re able to capture all aspects of the day and mould it all together in the edit.  

    When it comes to post production we use our experience in film editing to piece it all together. There are no hipster-filters, odd looking “light leaks”, “zoom transitions” or overly edited sequences. You don’t see those things in films, so we don’t put them in ours. We give our stories time to breathe. We “foreshadow” events, create tension and mix emotions. Our films are colour graded like like real films, emphasizing natural colours and softening overly digital images. 

    2) Our Wedding Films emphasise character and story

    As mentioned above, your favourite films probably have great characters and story, which is why we centre our films around you and the journey you have been on. We don’t believe in the idea that we’re just there to record a wedding day. We see this as an opportunity to create a film about two unique people and their lives leading up to (and following) a monumental event. 

    It would be easy to create a template for wedding videos since most weddings have the same kind of timeline. But ultimately you are unique and the journey you have been on is unique. So it stands to reason that if we make the story about you and your lives (rather than just the wedding), then your film will be unique too. 

    This is why our favourite wedding films are those where the couple brings as much of their personality into their day as they can. It’s so important to be emotionally open, not only to make your film better, but  to truly soak in the experience of marrying your soulmate. 

    Check out Taryn and Mike’s wedding film. They allowed us to interview them and film a welcome bbq they threw for their guests. The story they told about their meeting and how their relationship grew is something that draws us into their story. It adds so much depth. And the extra scenes with their friends and family expands their world beyond the wedding day. 

    3) We consider audio to be as important as video

    Just like film production, we invest in sound because sound really is 50% of the experience. 

    We know what we’re doing because our Creative Director Mark spent 4 years as a sound engineer for the BBC in London. When it comes to making sure your vows, speeches and sounds from the day are captured, you can know you’re in good hands. 

    We record audio from through the day, both vocals and sound effects. Live event filming is always a challenge because there are no “second takes”. If we don’t record your vows properly we can’t exactly ask you to do it all again can we? So we cover ourselves by having backups, multiple sources of audio and redundancy if something goes wrong. 

    We also record and mix in subtle sound effects that enhance all those important moments that we want you to relive. It might be the opening of a letter, the rustle of your vows, the cheer of your crowd or an applause to the first dance. You might not consciously pay attention to them, but you’d miss them if they weren’t there. 

    Finally we spend a huuuuuge amount of time selecting an appropriate sound-track because the music has to compliment your character. We’re in the best position to pick music because we have an objective understanding of the narrative of the story and experience of the day. When we edit our films we’re bringing so many elements together and the soundtrack is the glue that holds it all together. 

    Take a listen to April and Chloe’s Wedding film.  Their vows sound nice and crisp because we hid discreet microphones on both of them. Also pay attention to the sound of the ocean, the forest, Chloe’s footsteps as she approaches the first look. Then there’s a soundtrack which reflects two sides of the wedding day. Something earthy, intimate and emotional followed by brighter, more energetic music.

    4) We shape light and employ Cinematic Techniques

    We  take a lot of inspiration from the technical aspects of film making. In particular camera-movement and lighting. 

    We can’t always control the light in any given environment at a live event but we can do our best to shape and manipulate it. It might be a case of “bouncing” or blocking”. We might have to shoot from a different angle or shift the position of our subject. Or we may even add a subtle amount of our own lighting (unobtrusively of course). Either way, light does so much to the colour and composition of a shot. It can change the mood, add emotion and help to draw the eye. Good lighting is probably the most important factor in composing a cinematic shot. So we really pay attention to getting it right. 

    Once we have lighting that we’re happy about, it’s time to think about adding a little movement. It’s very rare to see a shot in a movie that is still. Still camera work dehumanizes a scene, after all your perspective of the world is rarely still. We like to have some kind of movement in the majority of our shots, even if it is subtle. We like the camera movement to be “motivated”. That is, there’s a reason for it to move in a direction. Either gradually revealing a subject, adding grandeur, drawing attention or emphasizing an emotion. 

    Vancouver island wedding videographer Victoria bc

    5) We pay attention to detail

    There’s a saying that 90% of a project is completed in the first 10% of the time spent on it. The last 10% requires the most work and its what elevates our wedding videos to a truly professional level of film making. 

    Its the location scouting, lighting adjustment, multiple audio recorders, creative shot composition and never being satisfied with “thinking you got the shot”. Its pouring over hundreds of music choices, trying out ideas, animating footage and processing audio. The list is never ending, and continually growing as we look to push our creative envelope. 

    Mark spent 6 years as a Supervising Editor in the visual effects industry, working on movies, trailer and commercials produced by Disney, Marvel and Warner Bros. In important part of a visual effects workflow is quality control, and the Editor is largely responsible for that. That responsibility is now engrained in the way produce our Wedding films. They receive the same level of attention that we give all our projects. 

    We hope this has given you an in-site into the way we produce our wedding films. Perhaps now that you’ve read this post you’ll have a slightly different perspective on our work. 


  • Los Cabos Wedding Film | Sandos Finisterra Destination Wedding, Los Cabos, Mexico | Tasha + Ben

  • This Los Cabos wedding (Cabos San Lucas specifically) is one of our favourite Destination Wedding Films. Tasha and Ben came to us through a network of friends in Vancouver. I think we’ve probably shot 4 or 5 weddings for various acquaintances of theirs! So we kinda knew what we were getting. Fun loving, easy going people. I really feel that this wedding video does a good job of summing up the vibe of the day. From morning to night, these guys just had FUN! I got to film smiling faced all day long, enjoy a cocktail or two and hang out with truly great people. 

    Thank you guys, you showed me a good time and gave me so much material to work with to make this film. Please please please don’t run out of friends who want to get married! 

    The Venue: Sandos Finiesterra, Cabos San Lucas, Mexico

    Just look at this place! Just a short walk from the lively town of Cabo San Lucas, Sandos Finiesterra provided the perfect backdrop to Tasha and Ben’s Los Cabos wedding. I was able to spend a little extra time with the couple the night before and found a great spot, overlooking the harbour, for some nice romantic shots. The staff put on a great beach BBQ as well so which enabled be to get some great interactions with friends and family. Spending just a little extra time with the guests means I become more embedded in the whole celebration. Just one of the many reasons I love Destination Weddings. 

    As for the day itself, both Tasha and Ben were able to prepare in nice big naturally lit rooms with great views. The beach was decorated beautifully and the staff provided a superb, wind resistant PA system (thank you!!). Cocktails were then served right at the beach and I may have sampled one of those myself.  Traditional Mexican live music provided entertainment while tasty snacks were delivered to guests. For the photoshoot Sarah Richardson and I picked some lovely spots around the venue as we made our way back up to the reception. In case you happen to be looking for a Los Cabos wedding venue, bear in mind that Sandos Finiesterra has an epic roof-top lounge. Its reserved specifically for events and weddings so is nice and private. Oh and It over looks the marina with a perfect vantage point for your guests to enjoy the view. 

    los cabos wedding videography. Sandos Finisterra Cabos San Lucas Mexic


    The Photographer: Sara Richardson and team (a local Los Cabos Wedding Photographer)

    Being a destination wedding, there’s a very good chance I haven’t worked with the photographer before. Luckily Sarah and team turned out to be great shooting partners. I love it when it feels like more of a collaboration than just separate vendors going about their business. As Los Cabos based Wedding Photographers, Sarah already knew a couple of great spots for the portrait session. She also gave me plenty of time to do my thing too. If you’re looking for photographers in the area, check out her work! Here’s one of my still frames from part of our portrait session:

    cabos san Lucas wedding film. Mexico destination wedding

    The Make up Artist: All Dolled Up Studio

    You may or may not know that Danielle (as in my wife and co-owner of Kismet Creative) is also the owner of All Dolled Up Makeup and Hair Studio. We work on many weddings together and her natural style perfectly compliments our candid cinematography. Also, when we book a destination wedding, we’re able to offer a package that includes both video and hair/makeup styling. And since we book our travel together we’re able to save a few $ for our clients. Win win!! 

    I love working with Danielle. Its just the little things, like getting a heads up from here when she’s about half way through the make up (so I can start filming). Or picking a spot with lots of natural light or leaving a little for the end for some touch up shots. She just gets it. Being the co-owener of a videography company gives her the inside scoop on how she can help me and the photographers out during the prep session. 


    cabos san Lucas wedding film all dolled up studio



    Am I really giving a shout out to sparklers? Yes, I am. They’re cheap, easy and should be a part of every wedding. Especially if your guests hold them whilst they surround your first dance.

    Mexica destination wedding film cabos san Lucas


    Filmed and Directed by Mark Relf
    Wedding Hosted by Sandos Finisterra, Los Cabos
    Photography by Sara Richardson Photography
    Makeup and Hair by All Dolled Up Studio




  • Shangri-La Toronto Wedding Film | Toronto Wedding Cinematography | Monica + Garros

  • Filming Weddings in Toronto has its challenges. Like Parking. But it also has its rewards. Like being spoilt for choice for awesome downtown locations. I think we hit 5 or 6 spots in the space of about 90 minutes during their photoshoot! University Avenue, Campbell House and Osgoode Hall to name a few. I love how it makes it feel like Monica and Garros have been on a little journey throughout their day. 

    Shangri-La Toronto Wedding Cinematography
    Smiley Happy People

    Being March, we fully hit the jackpot weather wise. Look at that blue sky! (OK, it didn’t last all day, but we got more than we could expect).  We also lucked out with a super energetic couple and bridal party. I’ve never seen a set of groomsmen get so into group photos. We had “Let get suits”, the “Octopus” and “West Side Story-click-your fingers” within just a few minutes. Please feel free to ask for an explanation….

    Monica and Garros are definitely happy people. I know you’d like to say that about everyone you meet but you can just tell. You can hear it in their voices and see it in their eyes. Their easy going nature and constant joking around made it a really pleasure to be in their company. Thanks guys!

    Some Really Emotional Wedding Speeches

    There will soon be a blog post about what makes the best wedding films. And there will definitely be a section in that about speeches. Unfortunately we don’t get to write those, but we do get to edit them. Monica and Garros were fortunate enough to have 6 really awesome, emotional speeches that would have been perfect for their film. Unfortunately, getting them all into the edit would have ruined the pacing of the film. They all had slightly different stories and I didn’t want them to compete. 

    Maybe its because I’m a father, but I was immediately drawn to the Dads speeches. I think its a combination of the wiser sounding voices and hearing how much they have loved their children over the years. A speech from a parent is also significant because it symbolizes the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. Its part of a bigger story. 

    Shangri-La Toronto-wedding-film

    The Shangri-La Toronto

    We’re still quite “fresh” to Toronto and this was the first time we filmed at the Shangri-La. As mentioned above, its in a great spot downtown for multiple photo opportunities. The roof deck allowed us to shoot a nice first look with the backdrop of the city and the interior has tons of natural light. I loved those chandeliers in the ceremony room too! 

    Shangri-La Toronto Wedding Videography

    Amazing Toronto Wedding Vendors

    Its always a team effort but I’d like to give a special thanks to a few.  

    Rebecca Chan and her team were so helpful and friendly with super clear communication. They really helped me keep on top of what was happening next (much appreciated). Their timeline was perfectly paced and allowed us to capture everything and more than we needed. Can’t wait to work with you guys again in just a couple of weeks! 

    Svetlana and her team from Purple Tree Photography picked out all the photoshoot locations and did a great job! They were also totally gracious in giving us the time we needed to get our shots too. You could tell they’d spent a good amount of time getting to know the couple and I’m sure its going to show.  Can’t wait to see the photos!

    TJ4 Productions provided a fantastic PA system for both the ceremony and reception. I can’t ever stress how important good sound is for our films and these guys certainly provided. A nice little touch of reverb on the recording helped out too! Thank you for being so co-operative and helping a fellow (former) sound engineer out!

    We were also helped greatly by the rest of the vendors below. From letting us film you to providing great visuals for us to shoot, you’re all a part of this film. Thank you. 

    To see more see more of our Wedding Films click HERE. Please Contact Us for more information about our Cinematic Wedding Videography services. 

    Directed and edited by Mark Relf
    Additional Cinematography by Grant Lynch
    Wedding Planning and Co-ordination by Rebecca Chan Events
    Photography by Purple Tree Photography
    Officiated by All You Need is Love
    Make up by Hey Jolie
    Hair by Tammy Cho
    Decor by Delight Floral
    Draping by Rose Petal Decor
    Rentals from Detailz and Plate Occasions
    Vinyl Dancefloor from Event Graffiti
    DJ’d by TJ4 Productions



  • 3 Essential Tips For Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

  • how_to_write_your_vowsI still remember how nerve wracking it was trying to come up with the “perfect” wedding vows to say to Danielle in front of her in front of our closest friends and family. Not only are you making promises for life but you’re likely opening up emotionally in front of people that you might not have done so before. I would estimate that in around 75% of the weddings we film couples read their own vows to each other and it is such a great way to make your ceremony  more personal and meaningful. 

    As Wedding Videographers we’ve had the pleasure of listening to hundreds of couples ready their own wedding vows. We feel confident in saying that we are in fact experts in wedding vows because we are constantly dissecting and editing them for use in our wedding films. We know when they’re good and we know when they’re from Google. So pay attention, because we have some great tips for you…

    1) Don’t Write Your Wedding Vows

    The worst thing you can do is sit down with a pen and paper. You’re beginning the process with a blank piece of paper and all you can think about is how badly you don’t want it to be blank! You’ll have writers block in no time and you’ll fall back on canned phrases that really mean nothing.  

    Writing your own vows is a process that requires baby steps. First of all, just concentrate on trying to come up with some content, good or bad.  

    Think about what state of mind you’re in when you come up with your most creative ideas. Maybe go for a walk and clear your mind or lay back on the couch and close your eyes.  For myself, I went for a drive and set the “voice memo” app on my iphone to record. For the next hour played our favourite music on the stereo and thought about our relationship. After a while I just started talking to myself about how I felt, not just in the present, but how I felt when we met and how I hoped I would feel in the future. I talked about my favourite things about our relationship and about Danielle. When I got home I listened through everything I had said and wrote down my favourite lines and phrases. At that point I had all the content I needed and it was just time for a little editing and tweaking.

    2) Your Wedding Vows need a Beginning, Middle and End

    You want to think of your vows as a mini story. And by that I mean structure it with a beginning, middle and an end. Take a look at all the lines you wrote down and group them together. The beginning stuff might be phrases that talk about how you felt when you first met. For example: “It fees like everything in my life has led me to you” or “I have dreamed of this day since I was fourteen years old”.

    You’re looking for phrases that set the tone for what you are about to say. You can also look for phrases that might be revealing to your parter. Something that is new information for them. Listen to Ian and Anna below. Ian says “Every chance meeting I would be overcome with a strange sense of butterflies and calm”. Check out Anna’s reaction to those words. This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. 

    The middle section will likely be the bulk of your vows. These are your promises and commitments. Just like a hero of story faces a series of “trials”, think about what “trials” you might face together as a couple. How will you overcome those? What promises will you make so that your partner knows that your relationship can take on life’s ups and downs.

    Next you want to round of your vows with something fitting. It doesn’t need to be long, just something that concludes or rounds up what this is all about for you. Take a look through your content and see if anything jumps out. You could reference the future (“I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you”) or it could even be some kind of giving of thanks (“thank you for making me the person I am today, I love you”). OK, those lines aren’t exactly corkers, but you get the picture.

    3) Edit those Vows! Then Edit Some More!

    Finally you’ll need to edit those vows and trim the “fat”. Honestly, your vows don’t need to be 2 pages long. And you don’t need to say “I love you so much” seven times (they already know that!). Is there anything you’ve said twice? Are there any words you put in just because you thought you should? Remember, this is a genuine statement, coming straight from the heart and often simpler is better. Show the vows to a couple of friends and see what they think. Having a set of fresh eyes is so important (by the way, make sure to do all of this at least a few weeks before your wedding!).

    Once you have your wedding vows finished, write them out in a nice booklet or postcard. Something that is easy to carry around in a pocket and won’t get damaged. Its also means you have a nice keep-sake after your wedding. Something tangible that you can feel and see. 

    wedding vow example

    4) Bonus Tip: Reading Your Vows

    Whether you’re reading your own vows or traditional vows it doesn’t hurt to practice so that you can deliver your lines with confidence and be heard. No matter what, you’re going to get emotional and a little forgetful. So write them out nice and clearly and give yourself the freedom to glance at the words every now and again. In an ideal situation you’ll know everything by heart (very difficult!) but at the very least memorise your final line(s) so that you can look straight into their eyes deliver some of the most meaningful words you’ll ever say.

    Alternatively you can also share vows. Join forces and come up with something together. You could then have the officiant read your vows to you and you repeat them back. 

    In the end there is no real “magic bullet” answer to writing your vows but I hope that our advice helps someone out there. Take a look through our films and see who inspires you. What sounded good to you and what wasn’t your cup of tea. As I said above, its all about baby steps. Start early and take your time. Feel free to get in touch if you need a little help and we wish you the best of luck!

    write your own wedding vows

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