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Wedding Videography FAQ

When did you start filming weddings?

We filmed our first wedding in 2008. At the time Mark was working for the BBC in London as a camera operator and editor. A friend asked him if we could film their wedding and we were hooked! From 2008-2013 we filmed weddings as a side-hustle whilst Mark continued to work as a writer/director and editor in Broadcasting, Film and the video games industry for the likes of Disney, Universal and Warner Bros.

In 2013 Danielle we  got married and the experience made us realize how important it is to properly document special moments life. We decided to bring wedding filmmaking to the forefront of our careers.

Kismet Creative was born out of the desire to use our skills more positively. The commercial and film industries are demanding and not always personally rewarding. We were about to start a family and spending 60-70 hours a week in a dark edit studio wasn’t cutting it any more (excuse the pun!). We wanted to work close to home, spend time together as a family and be part of a truly special experience for couples across the world.

You can read more about why we love filming weddings at THIS blog post.

Where does the name “Kismet Creative” come from?

We are from opposite sides of the Atlantic (UK + Canada) and met on an island off Bali. There has always been a sense of “Kismet” about our relationship. Not just because of where we met, but because of when we met. Both of us were at a time in our lives where we were ready for a new adventure. Despite the huge distance between our homes we were drawn to each other in a way that felt unstoppable. Danielle once said “The universe conspired to bring us together” and the feeling couldn’t have been described any better

“Creative” was always going to be a part of our name because it was important for us to communicate our intention. We wanted to be as far removed from factory wedding video production as possible. We wanted to recognize the differences in each couple and represent their personalities in a unique way.

Do you work well with Photographers?

Yes of course! We see photographers as collaborators who we can work with to be more creative. We can exchange ideas and create an energy that will make the day more fun for you. We always call the photographer before the wedding to introduce ourselves and see how we can help each other during shooting time. On the day itself we’ll be constantly communicating so that we’re not intruding on each other’s shots.

How much equipment do you bring with you on the day?

We bring as little equipment as we can so that we can be discrete in our filming. Typically we have 4 cameras, a couple of very small tripods and some small lights that help us “shape” the scene for speeches and the first dance. Oh, and of course the drone. We can’t forget the drone.

What cameras do you use to create your wedding videos?

We currently film with the Panasonic S series cameras, which we honestly think are the perfect cameras for filming weddings. They allow us to shoot in glorious 4K (for a beautiful and detailed image), make use of incredible image stabilization (so we can film handheld and capture more moments) and are robust enough to stand up to the demands of live event filming.

How do you record sound on your wedding videos?

Mark studied Audio Technology at university and spent 4 years as a sound engineer for the BBC. So when it comes to audio you’re in great hands! We use very small “lav” microphones for the bride, groom and officiant as well recording a feed from the PA or sound system. For the speeches we attach our small microphones to the podium and again, take an audio feed from the sound system.

Do you make back ups?

Yes, we have backup cameras and also are very diligent about backing up footage. An immediate backup is made the night of the wedding and additional 2 backups the day after. If you provide us with a hard drive (for raw footage) we’ll make an additional backup on that.

Do you outsource your editing?

No no no!!! Editing is the most crucial part of wedding film making. It is where the story is crafted and it is imperative that we keep this in-house. More an more companies are sending their edits abroad to lighten their workload. It’s understandable, but honestly, we feel like our editing is what sets us apart. We’re known for our “flow” and we just don’t want to lose that. Plus editing is Mark’s “thing” and he’s obsessed with it.

Who will be filming my wedding?

Our Creative Director Mark, along with one of our amazing second shooters. We also have an incredibly talented team of Associate Directors who are able to fill in for Mark when he is unavailable..

Should we meet before the wedding?

We always recommend meeting or chatting online prior to booking, but it’s also great to catch up a bit closer to the big day. Quite often plans evolve and changed and we also like to pass on some videography tips, as well as some snippets of wisdom that we think can be helpful to make the most of the experience. We don’t have to meet in person, but a phone call or Zoom chat is well worth having a month or so before your wedding.

How much coverage do we need?

A good rule of thumb is 1.5 hours before you leave for your preparation location until 1 hour after the party starts. Many wedding timelines come to us with around 11 hours required, but 95% of the time over run. This is why we offer our packages with up to 12 hours of coverage. We don’t want you worrying about whether we’ll be there to cover all those priceless moments.

Do you film the groom getting ready?

Absolutely! We normally film as a team of two and we’ll split up between locations for prep shots.

Do we have to book extra hours in advance?

We appreciate knowing how long we’re filming in advance, but we’re also super flexible. When we speak with couples, they often aren’t completely sure of their timeline, so we suggest that they book in with the coverage they know they’ll need and add more (if required) once they firm up their timeline. We won’t be making any other plans for your wedding day so even if you end up adding coverage on the day, that’s not a problem at all.

When will receive our wedding videos?

We put a lot of time into editing your films and our delivery time usually ranges from 2-5 months. If you’re getting married closer to the beginning of the season we’ll be able to deliver your films sooner. Our backlog usually peaks for weddings filmed at the tail end of August and beginning of September.

How will we receive our wedding videos?

We will create a personalized online gallery where you can view and download your films. The platform we use also allows you to download an app to your smart TV (or Apple TV) so you can watch your videos on a larger screen.

Can we choose the music for our wedding video / videos?

Music is the glue that ties the narrative and visuals together and we are in the best position to try out different ideas with all the elements we have in front of us. Finding the right track(s) is incredibly time consuming. Quite often something you think would be perfect, just doesn’t quite end up working out. Putting together films is like making a puzzle, and all the pieces need to fit.

Since we’re working professionally, we have to licence music. Popular music is very costly (tens of thousands of dollars) so we chose music through a web service called The Music Bed. They support some incredible emerging artists, many of whom specialize in film. All the music that you hear on our website has come from the Music Bed and has been chosen by us.

Having said all that, we’re totally willing to collaborate and hear your ideas. You can even browse The Music Bed, and send us a list of tracks you like. We just ask that you allow us to make the final call.

Can we make changes to our wedding videos?

When you book, we ask that you “buy in” to our style of videography. If you like the work on our site, you can expect to get something similar; narrative driven, authentic and cinematic.

We want you to be blown away by your film(s), which means that what we send you is a finished product. We don’t send drafts and/or iterate with multiple versions. However, ff you’d like to swap few shots and can provide exact timing reference then not a problem!

Are you insured?

Yes, of course! We carry full insurance. If you’re venue needs a copy of our certificate please don’t hesitate to ask.

How do we book you?

When you decide to book, we’ll ask you to provide us with some information so we can put a contract together for you. You’re able to review it and sign online. We ask for a 50% retainer fee to secure the booking with the remaining balance due one week before the wedding.