Wedding Videography London Ontario | Delta Armoury, St Peters Cathedral, Ilderton Community Centre |Carly + Kevin

If there was an example as to why “sunset shots” should be mandatory for every wedding, this would be it. It was so worth taking those ten minutes  to head into the field behind the reception hall. It wasn’t just a great video session for us, but also a moment of peace and reflection for the couple. They hadn’t planned on watching the sunset in the middle of the countryside, but we encouraged them to take a slight detour from their reception program and make the most of the opportunity. 

Our First Wedding Video in London Ontario 

Carly and Kevin were the first couple to book us in Ontario,  a year and a half before their wedding. As you may have seen on our site, we spent six and a half years in Vancouver before making the move out east.  I remember feeling so excited when we chatted on Skype. It was a great feeling to be talking to our first potential clients in our new province. 

Carly and Kevin are so down to earth. Just the nicest genuine people you could meet. They loved our work and put our minds at ease after several months of feeling nervous about moving across the country. We’ve been on Ontario for eighteen months now and it’s been going great. We’ll always think back to this wedding and remember that Carly and Kevin really got the ball rolling for us. Thanks guys!

Wedding Videography London Ontario

It Seems Like Just Yesterday…

It wasn’t until mid-August that we finally filmed the big day. We had already filmed several weddings in Toronto so it was a treat for us to get out of the city and explore other parts of the region. Carly and Kevin loved the idea of having their wedding filmed and went that extra mile to write heartfelt letters and speeches to each other. We loved how their letters give a glimpse into their story, especially that nugget about chasing the morning sun whilst listening to their favourite music. Words like that paint a picture and you can immediately imagine the scene. 

wedding video London ontario

Exporing London and Ilderton

They also gave us a ton of time to get some great portrait shots in London and the countryside around. When it came to “having a moment” in front of camera, these guys were naturals. We try to give as little direction as possible because we don’t want to create scenes that looked staged. Carly and Kevin made it easy. All we had to do was point to a spot and let them be themselves. 

They filled their reception with poignant speeches, amazing food, emotional dances and a great party. But the highlight, for us, will always be those scenes shot in the field behind the hall. As wedding videographers, we’re lucky to be able to spend so much time with couples on the most important day of their lives. When two people express their love for each other in your presence, while the sun is setting surrounded by nature and peace, it really is a special moment to be a part of. 

Wedding Videography London Ontario

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