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Every couple and wedding is unique, so it makes sense that your film collection is unique as well. All of our Wedding Videography Packages include one of our beautifully crafted cinematic films, built around a captivating narrative with crisp audio and stunning imagery.

Every film collection will come with two cinematographers (one for micro weddings) and enough coverage for most timelines. Your choice between each film type will largely depend on how long you want your film to be and how much you appreciate deeper storytelling. Our longer films are more dynamic, with multiple music selections, greater world-building and expanded scenes.

From there we give you the option to make your own coverage, documentary and live-streaming additions. You can add those at the time of booking or closer to your wedding date (and in some cases, even after the wedding!). Because we work with a limited number of couples, we’re able to create a wedding videography experience that is tailored to you.

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A Highlight Film is the staple product of the wedding videography world. It might also be known as a trailer. For some videographers it’s a simple montage set to an uplifting piece of music. For us, it’s a carefully assembled 4-5 minute narrative film illustrated by the very best visuals from your day.

We’ll chose a single, perfect piece of music that ties together all of the audio-visual elements that we have captured.  Often we’ll identify a theme or emotion that sums up the experience of the wedding and emphasize that through the vows and speeches. The Highlight Film may be short, but it’s the kind of video you’ll be watching, sharing and watching again.

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Our Cinematic Films are what set our Wedding Videography Packages apart from other vendors. We go to extreme lengths to assemble the perfect soundtrack, craft a narrative and add multi-layered sound design. In short, everything that we would put into making a “real” film is replicated when we make your Cinematic Wedding Film.

We offer two lengths of Cinematic Film: 6-7 and 8-10 minutes. These lengths allow us to work with multiple themes and emotions. We’re able to expand important moments and use multiple pieces of music to “change gear” throughout. The Cinematic Film raises the bar on typical Wedding Videography. It is our signature product and it’s typically what our clients book.



Our Portrait films build upon the Cinematic. We dive deeper into the story telling and expand the world beyond the wedding day. These films are best for couples who really recognize that we’re not just filming an event – but documenting significant time in your life.

Included in the package is a “Portrait Shoot” where we film you before the wedding day. We love interviewing couples for our Portrait films. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know you better and to capture unguarded, candid moments. It’s a fresh perspective that adds a more personal touch.

We see Weddings as an excuse to make films about unique people. You’ve spent months, or even years planning an event which celebrates your personalities and life story. Your wedding is an illustration of who you are, complete with complimentary characters, scripts and performances. Inviting us to film your wedding gives us an incredibly opportunity to become fascinated with you. If you truly want the best wedding videography experience, a Portrait film is the way to go.

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Many couples who inquire with us are looking for a a way to document their Covid-friendly micro wedding or elopement. But even before the pandemic hit, smaller weddings and elopements were gaining popularity fast. That’s because they’re such personal events, they’re intimate and they’re relaxed.

Typically, these types of weddings are scaled down, so we’ve scaled down our process to match. Our micro wedding films are shot over half a day and include a shorter 2-3 minute Cinematic film.

Because micro weddings are a smaller affair, there’s greater opportunity for us to get a little more creative and collaborative with each couple. We can plan more interesting locations, help create a flexible timeline, and personalise the experience to fit your needs.


Our Wedding Videography Packages offer additional options for coverage, additional films, trailers and live streaming. These are the most popular.


Our packages come with enough coverage for most timelines, but sometimes there’s a need to add an hour or two. We also offer “Full Day Coverage” which removes all timeline constraints. Couples who are planning multi-day weddings will feel happy to know that we have flexible options for additional coverage for all events.


Most couples will add one of our longer-form videos to their film collection. It’s a great opportunity to see more (or all) of your vows, speeches and other important parts of your day.

The Long Documentary edit is closer in editing style to what you might consider “typical” Wedding Videography. It is 30-60 minutes long and allows you to watch through your entire wedding day in order of events.

The “Feature Film” (short documentary) is around 15-25 minutes long and is a more condensed version of the Documentary edit. They key difference is that it has a more narrative and cinematic style, with the best parts of the speeches peppered throughout.


We LOVE Same Day Edits. They’re great fun and we really enjoy the fast paced production and high pressure delivery. We especially love seeing the reaction on guests faces as they watch such a well produced recap of the day, just hours after it happens.

We always recommend Same Day Edits as an addition to a Wedding Videography collection, rather than the main focus of a film package. They can be great paired with a Portrait film or a Feature Documentary.


See your wedding from another perspective. We love capturing stunning aerial footage of wedding venues and other places you explore. Drone shots are also a perfect way to set the scene for your cinematic films.


We offer a range of live streaming and interactive options so your remote guests can feel part of your special day. These range from single-camera streams to multi-camera broadcasts. We also have a social-media take-over delivering a continual stream of mini-films throughout your day.


Get your friends buzzing with one of our 45-60 second Instagram Trailers. We’ll have it ready within a week of your wedding so you can begin reliving and sharing your memories right away.